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2018-2019 ShenYuan Medal Winners Announced
Release time:December 10, 2019 / Lyu Xingyun

Recently, the annual ShenYuan Medal review meeting for undergraduate students was convened at the Beihang Sunrise Concert Hall. 10 undergraduates were selected for this year’s recipients of the ShenYuan Medal award and 10 for ShenYuan Medal Nomination award by the ShenYuan Medal judges consisting of 35 teachers from relevant departments/schools and 46 students from 23 schools.

The 10 ShenYuan Medal winners are Chen Hetian from School of Materials Science and Engineering, Dong Tian from School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Yang Zexuan from School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering, Ma Zhenya from School of Computer Science and Engineering, Xiao Zhengyi from School of Mathematical Sciences, Wei Haodong from School of Foreign Languages, Gao Yimeng from School of Astronautics, Chen Junliang from School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering, Lin Wei from School of Software, and Zhang Haokai from ShenYuan Honors College; the 10 ShenYuan Medal Nomination awards go to Pu Yifan from School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering, Chen Fangyu from School of Energy and Power Engineering, Chen Junyu from School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Xie Xiaowen from School of Mathematical Sciences, He Cai from School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, Wang Yao from School of Transportation Science and Engineering, Zhao Yuhan from School of Law, Zhang Xiaofeng from Sino-French Engineer School, Du Liang from School of New Media Art and Design, and Zhang Yanwen from School of Space and Environment.

At the review meeting, 25 candidates made presentations and answered the questions posed by judges at the stage, where they fully demonstrated their achievements and personal growth in the past four years from aspects of academic achievements, scientific research, social work experiences, voluntary services, awards and honors. The judges reviewed their comprehensive performances through materials submitted and on-site presentations.

The ShenYuan Medal award, the highest honor for Beihang undergraduate students, is set up to commemorate Mr. Shen Yuan, a pioneer and educator of the higher education of aeronautics and astronautics in China and one of the founders of Beijing Institute of Aeronautics (now known as Beihang University). The award goes to extraordinary students with a strong sense of national mission and social responsibility, setting examples to other students.

Reported by Sun Tianxu

Photographed by Tian Wenhao and Gao Runqi

Reviewed by Dong Zhuoning

Edited by Jia Aiping and Lyu Xingyun

Translated by Lyu Xingyun

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