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Beihang Students Win Grand Prize in 6th International Conference on UPINLBS
Release time:December 9, 2019 / Feng Yueyue

The Sixth International Conference on Ubiquitous Positioning, Indoor Navigation and Location-Based Services (UPINLBS 2019) was held in Beijing. During the conference, the committee organized an indoor navigation contest consisting of three groups: Bluetooth, Ultra Wide Band (UWB) and Internal Navigation System (INS). A team from Beihang took the grand prize in the Bluetooth group final after winning the first prize in the preliminary round.

The team, guided by Prof. Xiu Chundi, consisted of one graduate student enrolled in 2017 (Wei Haisong) and four graduate students enrolled in 2018 (Wang Jingqi, Zhang Hongye, Zhao Lirong and Han Zhuoyi) from the School of Electronic and Information Engineering. Since its establishment in 2012, the team of Prof. Xiu has cultivated four Ph.D. students, over 20 graduate students and four overseas students. It has undertaken many projects, such as projects of the National High-Tech R&D Program (863 Program) and the Innovation Application Program of the Ministry of Public Security of the PRC, and has applied for over ten national invention patents (five of which have been granted), as well as several patents on software copyright. In 2018, the team won the second prize in the Second Situation of the First Indoor Navigation and Positioning Contest held by the National Remote Sensing Center of China (NRSCC) and the third prize in the Beijing Division of the Second “Beidou+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

Reported by Wei Haisong

Reviewed by Zhang Yaotian

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Feng Yueyue

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