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Beihang Teachers and Students Awarded in 31st Han Suyin International Translation Contest
Release time:December 5, 2019 / Zhao Yue

The awarding ceremony of the 31st Han Suyin International Translation Contest was convened in Beijing recently. 11 teachers and students of Beihang University won awards at the contest.

In the Chinese to English translation competition, Cheng Yanqin won the second prize, while An Yiran, Dong Muge, Wang Nan and Wang Yuli won the excellence prizes. As for English to Chinese translation, Liu Guoyi received the third prize, and Du Aoran, Lei Chucheng, and Hu Xu received the excellence prizes. Besides, for Russian to Chinese translation, Zhang Yingkun was awarded for the second prize and Wang Yue for the third award. This year, Beihang, with the largest number of award winners, won the best organization award and ranked the first again.

In recent years, the School of Foreign Languages pays great attention to the organization of its members to take part in Han Suyin International Translation Contest. In particular, the school has set up specialized elective courses for masters in translation, taught by experienced teachers combining targeted teaching in class and individual tutoring after class. Hence, the students’ translation skills have been improved greatly and a large number of students have won awards in the contest. The applied and compound professional translation talents cultivated by the School of Foreign Languages of Beihang University have gradually been widely recognized by the Chinese translation industry as well as the society.

Sponsored by Chinese Translators Journal, Han Suyin International Translation Contest has the longest history in Chinese translation circle, being the most influential translation contest in China. With participants from all walks of life, the contest has a high degree of authority and preciseness in China. This year, the contest set up a total of 10 items covering the mutual translation between Chinese and five languages including English, French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic. More than 11,900 effective translations were received and 346 winners were selected after three rounds of strict review and final discussion.

Reported by Gao Xiaoying

Reviewed by Ma Shuwei

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Zhao Yue

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