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Beihang Teachers Participate in CLIL at the University of Queensland
Release time:December 2, 2019 / Ren Chenjie

In September 2019, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People’s Republic of China organized 41 teachers from seven universities to participate in a two-week Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) project at the University of Queensland in Australia. Five teachers of Beihang University, including Tan Yumin from the School of Transportation Science and Engineering, Xiao Jin from the School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering, Yang Guang from the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Zhao Danpei from the School of Astronautics and Zhou Wei from the School of Chemistry joined and obtained the certification.

As one of the universities in Australian Group of Eight, the University of Queensland firstly started the training of English-based teaching. This is the first time for Beihang University to dispatch first-tier teachers to participate in the CLIL project for the sake of further and effectively improving its teachers’ international teaching ability and English-based teaching capability.

CLIL project is designed to better practice the higher education and teaching method, develop teachers’ English ability and improve teaching skills and strategies of the teachers who take English as their teaching language in universities and colleges. Based on the three core foundations of CLIL, this project demonstrates diversified teaching forms and advanced teaching methods with patterns like case analysis, teaching practice and method guidance, exchange and sharing as well as mini-lecture show.

In two weeks, the teachers have systematically studied the three modules of CLIL, EMI and special lectures and had a deep exchange on teaching development patterns, advantages and features of their own university. With the fully demonstration of various professional backgrounds, teaching methods and styles, their English-based teaching ability has been improved while their teaching method and communication skills has been enriched, which provides a significant guidance to the practical establishment of English courses. In the foreseeable future, these teaching strategies and skills will be implemented in all respects to focus on students’ learning experience, exploring the reform of student-centered teaching mode.



Reported by Di Linzi

Reviewed by Wang Zulin

Edited by Jia Aiping and Ren Chenjie

Translated by Ren Chenjie

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