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Four Professors and Two Alumni of Beihang Elected to CAS/CAE
Release time:November 25, 2019 / Xiong Ting

On Oct. 22, four professors and two alumni of Beihang University have been selected as new members of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) and the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE).

Currently working at Beihang, the three faculty members elected are Gong Shengkai, Su Donglin and Xiang Jinwu to the CAE. Fan Wenfei was appointed a foreign member of CAS.

Gong Shengkai, CAE Academician

Gong Shengkai, Professor of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, is the owner of the first class National Technology Invention Award, over 80 patents and nearly 300 SCI papers. His research focuses on intermetallic compounds, single crystal superalloys and thermal barrier coatings.

Su Donglin, CAE Academician

Su Donglin, who acquired bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees from Beihang, is currently a professor in the School of Electronics and Information Engineering. Dedicated to the theory and engineering application of electromagnetic compatibility, she has hosted more than 30 projects on electromagnetic compatibility of major equipment. She has received one first-class State Technology Invention Award and two second-class National Science Progress Awards.


Xiang Jinwu, CAE Academician

Xiang Jinwu is now Chief Designer of Institute of Unmanned System. He has won two first-class National Science Progress Awards and Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation Prize for Scientific and Technological Innovation. He was elected as a Changjiang Distinguished Professor, with research interest in unmanned aerial vehicle technology and development.

Fan Wenfei, a foreign member of CAS

Fan Wenfei is the director of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Big Data and Brain Computing, with research interests focusing on database theory and systems including big data, data quality, distributed computing, query languages, recommender systems and precision marketing of social network.

Apart from the existing faculty members, the two Beihang alumni elected to the CAE are Cao Jianguo and Yang Weijia.

Cao Jianguo, CAS Academician

Cao Jianguo, who studied the automatic control of flight vehicles at Beihang during 1981 to 1985, is the Chairman of Aero Engine Corporation of China.

Yang Weijia, a foreign member of CAE

Yang Weijia, Professor of Georgia Institute of Technology, is elected as a foreign member of CAE. He was appointed a Chair Professor of Beihang University during 2005 to 2008. He was elected an academician of National Academy of Engineering of America in 2015.

Edited and Translated by Xiong Ting

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