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Beihang Undergraduates Win Silver Award in 5th CCPC Final
Release time:November 22, 2019 / Zhao Yue

From Nov. 15th to 17th, the 5th China Collegiate Programming Contest (CCPC) Final was held in Beijing, in which a team from Beihang composed of 3 students from the School of Computer Science and Engineering won the silver award.

Up to Nov. 17th, all competitions of the 5th CCPC has finished. This year, the contest set three sub sites in Qinhuangdao, Harbin and Xiamen and one final in Beijing. In the four rounds of the contest, 7 teams from Beihang University won two gold awards, four silver awards and one bronze award. In the first round in Qinhuangdao on Sept. 22nd, the team composed of members from ACM Team — Zheng Yaoyan, Xiao Siyang and Ding Yuanjie, won the silver award. After that in the second round in Harbin on Oct. 13rd, Wang Jiayi, Zhao Lichen and Yang Kaiyuan’s team won the gold award, while Peng Maoxiaomin, Liao Jitong and Jiang Shenghu’s won the silver award. After that, in the third round in Xiamen on Oct. 20th, the team made up by Wu Junjie, Zhong Zihao and Deng Yixing, the team composed of Shen Zhonghai, Lin Yutong and Zhang Kaijie, and the team comprised of Zhao Wanru, Huang Yunyi and Chang Ronghe won the gold, silver and bronze awards respectively. And in the final contest on Nov. 17th, Wu Junjie, Zhong Zihao and Deng Yixing’s team won the silver award.

China Collegiate Programming Contest (CCPC), sponsored by the National Advisory Committee on Teaching Computer Science to Majors in Higher Education under the Ministry of Education, is an annual subject contest for college students in China. It aims to stimulate students' interests in learning professional knowledge and skills in the field of computer science, and encourage students to actively and flexibly use computer knowledge and skills to solve practical problems, and effectively improve college students’capabilities including algorithm design, logic reasoning, mathematical modeling, programming implementation and computer system. It is also designed to cultivate the awareness of team cooperation, the spirit of challenging and the ability for innovation.

Reported by Liu Ziyuan

Reviewed by Zhang Desheng

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Zhao Yue

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