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ASCE Thomas Fitch Rowland Prize Won by Research Group of Prof. Yao Yangping
Release time:November 13, 2019 / Xiong Ting

Recently, a group led by Prof. Yao Yangping from the School of Transportation Science and Engineering published a research paper titled “Research on a Real-Time Monitoring Platform for Compaction of High Embankment in Airport Engineering” in Journal of Construction Engineering and Management. The paper won the Thomas Fitch Rowland Prize awarded by American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) due to its outstanding contribution to the intelligent construction, compaction quality control and safety operation of high-embankment airports. It is the first time that scientists from Chinese mainland have won the prize. The research group includes Prof. Yao Yangping, Ruan Yangzhi, Chen Jun (corresponding author), Zhang Xing, Liu Bingyang, Zong Xiaopeng and Yu Guizhen.

The research group led by Prof. Yao Yangping won the ASCE Thomas Fitch Rowland Prize

ASCE’s Thomas Fitch Rowland Prize has a history of over 100 years since its institution in 1882. All papers published in a print issue of an ASCE journal are eligible for nomination, but only one paper that is a groundbreaking contribution for construction management and construction engineering will receive the prize. The prize winners include Prof. Karl Terzaghi (1948) known as the father of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering, H. Bolton Seed (1961), Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States and Alexander H. Slocum (1994), Member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Based on new-generation information and communication technologies like constitutive modeling, Beidou Satellite positioning system, Internet of Things, cloud computing and autonomous driving, the research group developed a cloud radiation-based real-time monitoring platform for compaction of high embankment in airport engineering, which upgrades traditional high embankment airport construction methods.

Developed on a basis of over 20 years of effort in studying soils' basic feature and constitutive theory by Yao’s group, the novel platform creatively provides optimal compaction trajectory for high embankment airports, back analysis of real-time long-distance monitoring data, comparison between virtuality and reality, autonomous driving control and other core functions. It not only maintains compaction quality but also enhances the efficiency of construction and management, which is of great significance for the intelligent construction of high embankment airports.

Besides, Yao’s group also made breakthrough in deformation and settlement of filling soil. A safety monitoring and early warning platform for the whole life circle of high embankment airport engineering was also developed.

The compaction quality control system

The real scene versus the 3D virtual reality

The airport full life cycle safety monitoring and early warning platform

The research work is supported by the National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program).

Edited by Jia Aiping

Reviewed by Xie Ruiqing

Translated by Xiong Ting

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