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Beihang International Student Wins First Prize in 2019 “FLTRP ETIC Cup” English Public Speaking Contest
Release time:December 17, 2018 / Zhao Yue

Beihang International student Surucchawadi Seweewanlop won the first prize for her outstanding performance in the “FLTRP ETIC Cup” English Public Speaking Contest held in Beijing on December 5th-9th.

On the final stage of impromptu speech, Seweewanlop won the unanimous recognition of the guests and the audience with her excellent oral language and intelligent answers. She vividly described China's exploration in economic and political reform by the analogy of "crossing the river by touching stones". She pointed out that during the period of reform and opening up, China did not choose an easy way, but forge ahead step by step, which laid a solid foundation for China's development. Although the road of reform is long and obstructed, it is in this process that China found its way.

Seweewanlop enrolled at Beihang in 2018. In an interview, she said, “Participating in the competition is one of the most correct choices I have ever made. It's a great honor for me to stand out from thousands of competitors to take part in the finals. Through the competition, I have made friends with the participants from all over China, who have different educational backgrounds, but are well-trained, diligent and intelligent. During the competition, when the participants heard that my major is international law, they all said, ‘No wonder that your speech is so logical.’ I am very happy to hear these praise, but those words also urge me to be more strict with myself to reach a higher level in learning. I also learned a life motto in the competition, ‘the real warriors are not those who never fear, but those who dare to face fear.’ I am very grateful for the opportunity offered by FLTRP and Beihang. And, I want to say to you: we must challenge ourselves, believe in ourselves!”


Reported by Yang Fan

Reviewed by Weng Jingnong

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Zhao Yue

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