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Beihang Art Troupe Wins Four Gold and One Silver Medals in 2018 Beijing College Students Music Festival
Release time:December 5, 2018 / Lu Baihui

Recently, the municipal performance of 2018 Beijing College Students Music Festival, hosted by Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the CPC Beijing Municipal Education Committee, took place in Tsinghua University and Beihang University. The chorus, wind band, symphony orchestra, national music orchestra and acapella club from Beihang University took part in the activity. Finally, they nabbed four gold and one silver medals after the exciting competition.

On November 5th, Beihang Wind Band participated in the group B of wind music performance in Tsinghua University. Under the guidance of conductor Zhang Bingbing, the members of wind band played From Afar and Traveler. Everyone in the band did their best to perform the songs. In the end, their hard work made a deep impression on the audience.

On November 6th, Beihang Symphony Orchestra was the last one to come on the stage in the group B of orchestral performance. Their repertoire included the first movement of Beethoven's Symphony NO.7 and Songtsiala. The members of symphony orchestra spared no effort in showing the tension and nature of dance when they were playing Symphony NO.7 and the holy sound of Tibet above the clouds during the performance Songtsiala. Their performance was better than ever under the guidance of conductor Jin Gang.

On November 11th, Beihang National Music Orchestra participated in the group B of Chinese multipart folk music performance. The members of national music orchestra first ignited the audience’s excitement with Passionate Memory, and then brought them to the south of the Yangtze River with New Rhymes of Sizhu. Such different pieces of music provided a feast for the audience and judges.

Soar in the Sky, the large original chorus symphonic poem of Beihang University, will be played by BUAA Chorus, Beihang Symphony Orchestra and the host group of Beihang University in the exhibition of excellent works. It will beperformed for the first time at the Sunrise Concert Hall of Beihang University on December 9th, in order to convey the ideals and beliefs of serving the country by workingin the fields of aeronautics and astronautics to the audience in Beijing.

BUAA Chorus and Acapella Club has got one gold and one silver medals with their excellent performance at the vocal performance activity in the first half of the year. Beihang Art Troupe has won four gold and one silver medals in the performance activity of the 2018 Beijing College Students Music Festival. Most of the members in the five groups are not students admitted for specialty in music. They made the most of their vacations and practiced in earnest with other students who specialize in music under the guidance of advisors in preparation for the show, which reflected the aerospace spirit of painstaking efforts. Finally, they staged perfect performances and showed the artistic attainments of Beihangers.


Reported by Yang Zhengdong

Edited by Jia Aiping

Reviewed by Zhi Yuanyuan

Translated by Lu Baihui

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