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Beihang Team Wins Grand Prize in 4th National Cryptography Competition
Release time:December 3, 2018 / Lu Baihui

The final of the 4th National Cryptography Competition, guided by the State Cryptography Administration and sponsored by the Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research, was held in Hangzhou Dianzi University on November 24th. After two rounds of anonymous expert review, 96 teams from 42 universities made their way to the final. In the final competition, after anonymous demonstrations, oral defense and expert review, 2 grand prizes, 13 first prizes, 25 second prizes and several third prizes were awarded to the winners, among which Beihang team stood out from the crowd and obtained good results.

Guided by Guo Hua, Associate Professor of the School of Cyberspace Security, 3 teams from Beihang University won a special prize, a second prize and a third prize respectively in this competition, and they were unanimously praised by the experts. At the awards ceremony, Wang Jie, Director of the Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research, and Wang Yongchuan, Deputy Director of Office of Security Commercial Code Administration, issued certificates for the teams who won the grand prizes and took photos with them together.

Founded in 2015 and guided by the State Cryptography Administration, the National Cryptography Competition aims to raise the awareness of cipher, popularize the knowledge of cipher, try out the technology of cipher and discover the talents of cipher. Its participants are mainly college students. The competition is the highest-ranking and the most influential cryptography competition in China. This year, a record 657 students in 219 teams from 48 universities participated in this competition.


Reported by Guan Tianyu

Edited by Jia Aiping

Reviewed by Liu Jianwei

Translated by Lu Baihui

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