Beihang Moral Achievement and Talent Cultivation Awards Winners Deliver Speeches
Release time:November 23, 2020

On the afternoon of November 4, speeches on teachers' moral responsibilities were made by four teachers who won the 2020 Beihang Moral Achievement and Talent Cultivation Awards at the Chenxing Concert Hall, as part of an effort to strengthen teaching morality and publicize moral models for all teaching staff. The speakers included Su Donglin, Li Shangzhi, Wang Lei and Sa Rina.

In Su Donglin's speech, she talked about her understanding of teaching responsibilities from the perspectives of students’ characteristics, the values that teachers should instill into others, the method of guiding students and the right way to handle teacher-student relationship. She stressed that teachers should work diligently and conduct themselves honestly. She also mentioned that although science is boundless, scientists should always bear patriotism in mind.

Su Donglin made the speech

Li Shangzhi started his lecture with a mathematical poem. He took the poem as an example to show how he teaches students calculus by introducing life philosophies in his class. In his view, teachers are shouldered with the mission of igniting students’ passion towards learning. As students’ supervisor on both learning and living, he encouraged students to keep humble and stick to their goal until the last moment, and avoid “cheering for the joyfulness of success before the goal is truly achieved”.

Li Shangzhi talked on the stage

Wang Lei shared how he teaches students based on a student-oriented philosophy. In his speech, Wang Lei stressed that education should be rooted in love and it is important to make students feel a sense of caring and love during the teaching process. He also gave emphasis on the teaching research and new technologies, hoping that teachers can improve their teaching quality through relevant researches and make full use of advanced technologies to assist in teaching.

Wang Lei delivered the address

Sa Rina, instead, talked about her original aspiration as a teacher. She said that she was actually growing with students during the teaching process, in which she might run into difficulties and then successfully addressed those problems collaboratively with her students. As the teacher at a school directed by an international cooperation mechanism, she reformed the traditional way of French teaching by taking practical demands of science and engineering students into consideration, and explored a new model of French learning for students, which appeared effective in practice.

Sa Rina made the speech

The four speakers shared their ideas about student-cultivation on the basis of their teaching practice, inspiring all the other teachers to model themselves on excellent teachers with high moral standards and outstanding teaching abilities. Hundreds of teachers at Beihang listened to their speeches online or at the lecture hall.

Reported by Kong Lingyi and Gao Wenqi

Photographed by Di Bailu and Tian Wenhao

Reviewed by Zhang Yi

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Xiong Ting