Beihang Wins Award for Best Scientific and Technological Applications in 2nd OCEA
Release time:April 28, 2020

Beihang University won the Award for Best Scientific and Technological Applications with the case entitled “China’s ‘Yuegong-365’ Project Garners a Huge Response at Home and Abroad” in the 2nd Overseas Communications Excellence Awards (OCEA), according to the results released recently.

The OCEA, jointly hosted by People’s Daily Media Innovation and People.cn CO., LTD, is the first evaluation of overseas communications cases by all domestic industries in various fields, enjoying a high reputation and influence in China’s overseas media circle.

In May 2018, the “Yuegong-365” project came to a successful conclusion after 370 days. This research project was designed to test a bioregenerative life support system (BLSS) with the longest stay of human beings in a self-contained laboratory. During the process of preparation and experiment, members from Beihang Party Committee not only publicized the experiment widely in advance, but kept reporting on it throughout the process. Meanwhile, the university’s self-run overseas media platform released real-time information and achieved friendly interaction with domestic and foreign mainstream media. Almost 10 countries including China and the United States, and dozens of mainstream media such as China Daily, People’s Daily, Reuters and BBC, released hundreds of pages of reports in such forms as texts, images, videos and live streaming, among which relevant reports from overseas social media alone garnered more than 150 thousand likes, comments, reposts and views in total.

Beihang has been highly committed to advancing its overseas communication and sharing its idea and practical experience with the world in the process of building a world-class university with Chinese characteristics, showcasing the enthusiasm and responsibility of Chinese universities to promote global development and the progress of human civilization from a much truer and fuller perspective. In March 2018, the university registered official accounts on overseas social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As of March 2020, these accounts had 150 thousand followers and more than 300 updates with over 1 million views. Since 2018, Beihang has entered the Top 10 in the composite index of overseas Internet communication capability of universities in the Chinese mainland for two consecutive years.

It is reported that the 2nd OCEA is featured with the theme of “Appeal to the World and Witness Your Excellence”. The activity aims to select the best and most representative among various innovative cases from domestic organizations and enterprises undertaking overseas communication activities, particularly those resorting to overseas social media platforms, Internet thinking and social marketing strategies. After rounds of examination and selection, top 10 “Outstanding Cases”, top 20 “Excellent Cases” and top 10 “Best Cases” in innovative content, technological application as well as visual effects stood out.

Reported by Shi Yue

Reviewed by Li Jianwei

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Feng Yueyue