Medical Worker from Beihang Hospital Volunteers to Fight on the Front Line against COVID-19
Release time:March 26, 2020

At present, China has made notable progress in preventing and controlling the spread of the novel coronavirous (COVID-19), but still facing serious risks of imported cases from abroad. As the country resumes work and production and the flow of people increases, China will continue to take the most stringent measures on epidemic prevention and control.

On March 23, the Health Commission of Haidian District in Beijing announced that one health worker was in urgent need to join the reserve team of epidemiological researchers and engage in health-check work at the airport. Upon receiving the notice, Yang Xiaofei, a nurse from the Department of Physical Therapy of Beihang Hospital and also a member of the Communist Party of China, immediately volunteered to join the reserve team. She once said: “if there is a chance to fight on the front line, I will go there unhesitatingly.”

Out of thorough consideration, leaders of Beihang Hospital decided to send Yang Xiaofei to join the first batch of the team, who will engage in the 10-day fight on the front line after the training session on March 23.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, Yang Xiaofei has been sticking to the anti-epidemic work at Beihang Hospital. Working in the quarantine area for observation, Yang Xiaofei and other medical workers conducted comprehensive disinfection of hospital bedding and cleaned up medical waste two or three times a day. In addition, Yang Xiaofei also recorded many videos to provide health education and made phone calls to patients to relieve their anxiety.

Noticeably, within less than one hour after the announcement was released, a total of eight medical workers volunteered to join, including Yang Xiaofei from the Department of Physical Therapy, Yue Xiuyun from the Maternal and Child Health Center, Zhang Jing and Wu Juanyu from the General Practice, Jia Shaoyan from the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yang Ge and Zheng Jiao from the Department of Stomatology as well as Wen Li from the hospital at the Shahe campus. Some other medics were also eager to sign up for the recruitment after seeing the notice later that day. These positive and responsible medical workers are the epitome of all faculty members of Beihang Hospital. It is these workers who have been sticking to the front line of anti-epidemic work that safeguard all teachers and students.

The determination of holding together through thick and thin and fighting against the epidemic together demonstrates all Beihang medical workers’ sense of responsibility. We believe that a balmy spring will await all people when they return in triumph.

Edited and translated by Feng Yueyue

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