Beihang International Students Send Messages of Support in Fighting COVID-19
Release time:March 4, 2020

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, people across China have united to fight against the epidemic with the most comprehensive, rigorous and thorough measures, and all Beihangers have been doing their part. At this critical moment, Beihang international students send messages of support to Wuhan and China and work together with the university, expressing their care, appreciation and confidence in the victory of the battle.

Messages in Various Forms

A number of international students made a video to cheer every fighter against the novel coronavirus in China, especially Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic, showing their determination to stand together with Chinese people in times of adversity.

The video made by Beihang international students

The international students also extended their best wishes on social media. Some used pictures supporting China and Wuhan as their profile photos. Some posted pictures and videos to pray for the country and encourage its people.


Messages posted on “Moments” of WeChat, a most used messaging and social media application in China

Some chose a literary way. A student wrote an enthusiastic poem to express the confidence in the defeat of COVID-19, and another read out a Chinese poem depicting this special spring for China affectionately.

An excerpt from the poem written by Poumba Elmeruche from the Republic of Congo

Musonda Stanley from Zambia read out a Chinese poem (Instructor: Xiong Ying, Chinese Language Training Center of Beihang University)

Bond Together

The shared resolve to defeat the coronavirus brings Beihang and its international students even closer in a special way. The university makes every effort to help the students go through this special period against the background of epidemic prevention and control, and the students recognize such work by full cooperation and words of appreciation.

After the outbreak, the university soon developed a mechanism to contact the international students and know about their needs, questions and difficulties. Schools, instructors and student counselors cooperate closely to solve the problems faced by them, and responses to their concerns have been posted timely on relevant websites and WeChat official accounts.


Notice posted on the website and WeChat official account for international students

The user guide of “Epidemic Prevention and Control Service” WeChat Mini Program designed to collect necessary information of students

Response to international students’ questions about study and life

Student counselors had video conferences with international students

For those on campus, the university provides masks and daily supplies, and in every apartment for international students there is a WeChat group where their questions are answered timely by staff members on duty.

Masks and bread handed out to international students at their apartments

Encouraged by the university, the international students are leading a fulfilling life with no less vitality and even more self-discipline. As Zongo Alex Baowend Soom Marie Anicet from Burkina Faso put it, the current situation is “not an excuse to be lazy” and every one should be “more focused, disciplined and aware of the importance of self-learning”.

A student was doing exercise at his dormitory

A student was studying at home

Appreciating the efforts made by the university, many international students wrote down messages of recognition and support, showing their determination to stand together with Beihang and China.

Messages from international students

A friend in need is a friend indeed. The messages of support from international students are a source of power for the fighters in China, and by joining hands we will win the battle against the virus together.

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(Source: WeChat Official Accounts “Beihang University” and “Study at Beihang”)