Classes Moved Online: A Brand-New and Unique Experience in Teaching and Learning
Release time:March 2, 2020

February 24 marks the start of the new semester as faculty and students log in technical systems for online lectures for the first day. The new semester witnesses a bloom of online courses with all students and staff experiencing unusual teaching and learning models. Confronted by the challenge of postponing the spring semester as part of an effort to combat virus, Beihang is now exploring novel online education options, which are widely welcomed and commended by students.

2,188 courses for undergraduates and 891 courses for graduate students will be taught online this semester through various forms, including recorded videos, MOOC, online learning materials, live streaming and so on. Multiple online education platforms such as Beihang Course Center, Tencent Meeting, MOOC platforms, WeChat Group and Beihang Wangpan (a cloud storage and files sharing service) are used.


University Leaders Spend First Day of New Semester with Faculty and Students

On the first day of the semester, university leaders watched live streaming and recorded videos of courses provided by teachers on the platform of Tencent Class and listened to reports on preparations for undergraduate and graduate students’ online teaching. Beihang Party Committee Secretary Cao Shumin and President Xu Huibin recognized the efforts made by teachers and expected them to keep improving their teaching methods. The leaders also visited a recording classroom to see the recording of courses.

University leaders were watching live streaming and recorded video of courses


A live streaming course provided by Shui Hengyong from Flying College of Beihang University

Secretary Cao and President Xu recognized the teachers’ efforts

Chang Qing, a teacher of the School of Electronic and Information Engineering, was recording an online lecture


Various Online Courses Blossom

Prof. Yang Chao of the School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering is a lecturer of the course entitled "Generality of Aeronautics & Astronautics". As one of the most influential courses for graduates, it was selected by over 2,300 students this semester. As the lecturer who leads the teaching of this course, Yang Chao said that the teaching team will take advantage of platforms such as MOOC, WeChat Group and Tencent Meeting. Rather, the MOOC platform will be used to give lectures, WeChat Group will be taken as a means of informing students of the course notices, and Tencent Meeting will be utilized to answer questions raised by students.

Prof. Yang Chao was answering students’ questions

Prof. Wang Yuhui teaches "Engineering Graphics" this semester. “As for my teaching model, I will upload related resource files to Course Center and QQ groups, while using Tencent Class to offer guidance for students,” said Prof. Wang. Besides, Tencent Meeting is also used by Prof. Wang Yuhui for real-time interaction.

Online course provided by Prof. Wang Yuhui


Files uploaded in Course Center

Prof. Ding Shuiting of the School of Energy and Power Engineering took the form of live streaming and recorded videos to carry out the online teaching task. In the first half of his course, he used live streaming to introduce the course content and explain key points for students. Then, a recorded video prepared before class was broadcast. Besides, the communication and interaction in WeChat groups and QQ groups also strengthened the connection between Prof. Ding and students.

“Apart from the live streaming and recorded videos, we also uploaded the voiced materials one week in advance to ensure a smooth online teaching process,” said Prof. Ding Shuiting. “It takes much more time to record an online lecture compared with giving a lecture in the classroom.

Prof. Ding Shuiting was on air

In addition to academic learning, physical exercising is also an essential part of the online courses. After a diligent preparation for nearly half a month, the "Yoga" course by Chen Yuan was available for student on February 24. She rearranged all her furniture in her living room to make space for video recording. In her course, she offered patient guidance for each Yoga pose. By sharing video and discussing in WeChat Group, she made it possible that students can not only study at home but also exercise at home.


Chen Yuan’s online exercise class


Unique Learning Experience for Students

Beside the challenging teaching tactics experienced by teachers, online education also presents new opportunities for students to learn and engage with one another. Below are some opinions shared by Beihang students on online classes.


“The pre-recorded courses, repeated system testing and detailed arrangements for teaching materials all demonstrate each teacher and teaching assistant’s hard-working preparation. Teachers have been working tirelessly to enhance the learning experience.”

—Undergraduate Wang Shiqi

School of Electronic and Information Engineering

“Although we can only communicate with teachers and students online, our study and research schedules are still advancing forward. Online learning is a brand-new experience. The teaching quality is guaranteed by teachers’ preparation and students’ self-motivation. Therefore, we should be more self-disciplined to make good use of these materials provided by teachers and the university. ”

— Postgraduate Miao Wen

School of Electronic and Information Engineering

“Initially, I found the ‘Generality of Aeronautics & Astronautics’ a difficult course to learn. Not until the teacher gave the first class online did I gain new insight into the subject. Courses on MOOC are quite impressive and Prof. Yang Chao told us that Beihang students are to be at the forefront of the era and we are endowed with the mission of shaping a better nation. I am extremely grateful to Prof. Yang Chao and I have learned a lot form him.”

— Undergraduate Zhang Hanyi

Fengru college (Beihang School)


“Even though the epidemic deprived us of the opportunity to study on campus, the online course is unexpectedly wonderful. As is well-known, the aero-engine is the heart of the aircraft and also known as the jewel of the industrial crown. After the first formal online class, I have deeply grasped the importance of the aero-engine to the national security. Being a Beihang student, we must stand up for the country and shoulder our responsibilities to contribute to the aerospace development of the country. ”

— Undergraduate Li Yang

Shie college (Beihang School)

“This afternoon, we attended the class of engineer drawing online. Considering the difficulty of Tencent Class in the teacher-student interaction, Prof. Wang attempted to answer our questions on the platform of Tencent Meeting, which supports online communication, files-uploading as well as screen sharing. The teaching method of combining the specially-tailored PowerPoint presentation and detailed explanation is as effective as lessons given offline.”

— Undergraduate Zhu Zixi and Chu Qihong

School of Beijing

“Honestly, I was both excited and a little anxious because it was my first time to take online classes. Even I thought that I was fully prepared, I still went into trouble when I attempted to enter the live streaming room. Fortunately, the problem was settled and I took the class smoothly. During this special period, all students have displayed their strong academic enthusiasm and all teachers have also spared no efforts to ensure the smooth conduct of teaching process. Deep gratitude will be given to our teachers for their hardworking. ”

— Undergraduate Shao Ang’ang

Flying College

“Due to the hard times China is facing, it is important to stay positive, get creative, and focus on what you can change rather than on what you can't. Even though we were just a few months away from thesis defense, my supervisor, Prof. GAO Guozhu and I overcome jet lag due to different time zones and managed to arrange remote meetings through WeChat to discuss my Master's thesis and make progress on the writing. If I had any questions, my supervisor will always be there and ready to help and guide me online. Online communication is a way to deal with this hard time without losing the education standards. It's very useful and helpful! I hope all friends and professors in China are doing well and I wish them lots of health and strength to face this hardship that soon should end.”

Postgraduate Ana Paula Castro de Paula Nunes

— International School

Though the epidemic outbreak minimizes human to human interaction, the e-teaching tactics bridge the distance between teachers and students. We appreciate the efforts made by all the staff and students in such an unusual period, and it is also hoped that everything will be resumed as normal in the near future.




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