A Welcome Message to All the Newcomers of 2019
Release time:July 13, 2019

At the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, you, the new members of the Beihang family, will start another chapter in your life. Correspondingly, your arrival will also bring in new blood for Beihang University, one of China’s key academic institutions.

Founded in 1952, Beihang University (Beihang for short), the first institution of higher education in aerospace in the People's Republic of China, originated from the merger of the departments of aeronautics of eight universities. Since then, it has been contributing to the growth, rejuvenation and social progress of the country and its graduates are playing an active role in various sectors in the world. Today, it is evolving towards a world-class research-oriented university, covering engineering, science, liberal arts, medicine, etc. Over 30,000 full-time students, including about 1,300 international students, are pursuing their degrees here.

To help its students realize their true passion and potential, the university has revolutionized its cultivation model and adjusted its majors to enroll and cultivate students according to their aptitude and interest in general disciplines since 2017. Based on the pilot experience, Beihang School was established to support freshmen and sophomores and strengthen the general education. At Beihang School, the university’s educational resources are pooled to manage the talent cultivation in general disciplines and the development of its subordinate colleges: Shie College, Fengru College, Shijia College, Shoue College, Zhizhen College and Zhixing College. Enrolled in one of the colleges at first, the undergraduates can choose a school according to their interest and understanding of the disciplines at the end of their freshman year and decide on a major provided by the chosen school when their sophomore year ends. If their interest changes, they can still change their major in the rest of college years.

Life at Beihang is colorful and full of possibilities. You may engage yourselves in research and innovation contests to challenge yourself. You may spend weeks, months or even years studying abroad at the partner universities all over the world. You may be part of various events, volunteering activities, performances, lectures, clubs and teams. You may also stop at one moment simply for the golden carpet of leaves, dancing snowflakes, lively blossom, heavy rain, starry sky, morning sun and so on, or in short, the beauty of Beihang. There may be ups and downs and twists and turns, but eventually they will all become your unique memories during your stay here.

As you are eager to know Beihang, Beihang is also eager to know you. You are the writers of the future of yourselves and your university. Welcome to Beihang!

Written by Li Mingzhu

Reviewed by GEOOS

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