Multilingual Birthday Messages for 66-Year-Old Beihang
Release time:October 24, 2018

On its 66th birthday, Beihang University received a highly international congratulatory video, in which both foreign and Chinese students recorded their version of “Happy Birthday” in their own languages ranging from Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Slovak, Indonesian, to English and Chinese.

Now give it a try, to what extent are you a multilingual talent? Tick the one(s) that you think you know (Answer Keys attached below).

Answer Keys: 1.The Spanish 2.Portuguese 3.French 4.Arabic 5.Slovak 6.Indonesian 7.English 8.We all know...

How many of them have you got right?



In fact, this video only partially reflects the variety of languages and cultures at Beihang University, where about 1,300 international students are pursuing their degrees. Since the goal of building a world-class university was put forward, Beihangers have been witnessing a historic moment of an ever-enlarged scale of internationalization. The influx of—prominent scholars and excellent students from institutions worldwide—is never the news but everyday scenes, and under the "university-to-university, professor-to-professor, and student-to-student" (UPS) development strategy, cooperation and exchanges with its nearly 200 global partners have never been more frequent and common. As the campus become more internationalized, more diverse perspectives and insights are brought to the academic and daily lives at Beihang furthering its step toward aworld-class university that is inclusive and colorful. It is sincerely hoped that people from different countries and cultures can join hands to spread knowledge, seek truth and write their shared future, and Beihang University will undoubtedly serve as a platform for this cause now and always.

Happy Anniversary, Beihang University!

To share your version of congratulations, please contact us at geoos@buaa.edu.cn.


Planned and written by Li Siying

Interviewed by Xiong Ting

Photographed by Sun Yuhang

Video edited by Zhao Yue