China Cybersecurity Week: By the People and for the People
Release time:September 17, 2018

In the information age, every netizen—if not everyone—should learn to live with concerns of cybersecurity, and find ways to manage them. All are doomed to encounter them from time to time, whether you are dealing with e-mails containing strange links or paying with your Wechat.

Up to the end of December 2017, there are 772 million netizens in China, and cybersecurity has become an important part of national security. In order to raise people’s awareness of cybersecurity, the annual China Cybersecurity Week has been set up since 2014.

This year a series of events will be arranged from Sept. 17th to Sept. 23rd, including forums and an expo. The theme is "Cybersecurity by the people and for the people".

Poster of China Cybersecurity Week

Cybersecurity is an important part of national security

A country's national defense force is directly related to its aeronautics and astronautics technology level, so aeronautics and astronautics will still be major battlefields for cybersecurity. As such, Beihang always attaches great importance to network security. At the beginning of its students’ university life, Beihang organizes security education lectures, stresses "no classified information on networked computers", popularizes network security knowledge, and improves the network security awareness among the students.

Beihang always pays great attention to cultivating network security talents. Since 2015, Beihang has integrated the collective resources of several schools and established the School of Cyberspace Security. In the Fourth China Cybersecurity Week in 2017, Beihang was one of the seven universities first elected to the demonstration projects of Cyber Security School Establishment.

The establishment of the School of Cyberspace Security has a solid foundation. The school has also made important achievements and contributions in related fields. In July 5th, Beihang and other nine universities were selected as the first batch of the Research Bases of International Cyberspace Governance.

Login interface of the campus net of Beihang University

The coming China Cybersecurity Week is expected to play a bigger role in building a common network security line. Actually, cybersecurity should extend far beyond that: Attaching importance to cybersecurity should become a habit of all. Every Beihanger should become a "network firewall".

Do you ever wonder if your knowledge of cybersecurity could pass the test? Follow the WeChat Official Account of Information Beihang from Sept. 17th to Sept. 23rd to answer the questions and learn more about cybersecurity. You can get at most 5GB flow of campus network as a prize.

The interface of the Quiz


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