Undergraduate Years at Beihang
Release time:July 3, 2018

Composed of both important moments and daily routine, the past four undergraduate years are some of our best memories.

1. Star Park

With a vocabulary book in hand, we begin a new day of learning in the morning breeze.

2. In class

The announcement of the coming mid-term examination stirs anxiety among us.

3. Library

A quiet nap eases the tension of reviewing.

4. End of final exams

As the last final exam of freshman year comes to an end, the curtain falls on a quarter of college years.

5. Your Goal Supermarket

To save time, we run to Your Goal Supermarket to buy something for lunch, only to find crowds lining up at the checkout counters as usual.

6. The stadium

Having finished the physical fitness test, we run out of strength, yet feel fully relieved.

7. Green Garden

Several elders are taking a walk, while ducks are sunbathing near their villa built at the center of the pool.

8. Feng Ru Cup

We receive the certificate of the first prize of Feng Ru Cup, a traditional science and technology competition held annually at Beihang. Long-time desire bears fruit and we take pride in ourselves.

9. Basketball courts

We are wild with joy over hitting several three-pointers as we play basketball with our friends.

10. Rehearsal

Two hours before the evening party we have prepared for so long, everyone is busy with the final rehearsal.

11. Soaring into the sky

We devoted ourselves to the handmade little plane. As we watch it fly into the air, we smile like a proud parent.

12. TD Corridor

Half of the term just passed, yet we have only visited TD Corridor, the facility with various barriers for physical exercise, for the tenth time, which does not reach a quarter of the required times to get the necessary credit. Worries come to our mind.

13. Girls’ Day

On Girls’ Day, laughter and cheers fill the space in front of No.3 Student Apartment, the only apartment building for girls in Shahe Campus.

14. Starry Sky

Particularly bright stars and comfortable breeze make the night.

15. National Laboratory of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NLAA)

Lights are still on late into the night, and researchers are still focusing on their work.

16. Bell Square

While people are sleeping soundly, bugs are still humming around.  

17. Night at New Main Buiding

Seven hours before the submission deadline of MCM/ICM Contest, we are full of morale that lights up the darkness.

18. Farewell

Today is the time to leave. It is hard to say goodbye, but sunshine at dawn awaits us in the future.


Planned and written by Li Xinxin

Photographed by Shen Yifan, Cai Jinyun, Yang Zhi, Wang Zhangwei, Zhu Hao, Li Shengzhe, Zhang Xueyuan and Peng Xutan

Designed by Yang Yanzhuo and Wang Chenyan

Translated by Li Mingzhu

Edited and reviewed by GEOOS

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