Autumn Scenery of Beihang
Release time:November 30, 2017

A falling leaf speaks of the coming of autumn. As the cold wind weaves the golden pieces into a soft carpet on the ground, Beihang University embraces another season in its life. It is the rustling under footsteps, the gilding of earlier sunset, the natural serenity in the air, and all the other changes that are quietly taking place at every corner. To record the moments unique to Beihang at this time, a collection of photos has been taken of its scenery, in which its breathing and beauty manifest themselves.


Plan and original text by Zhang Boyang

Design by Shen Yang

Technical support by Cao Jiahui

Photos by Sun Yuhang, Shen Yifan, Xing Huijun and Zhang Zhiwei

Edited by Li Mingzhu

Reviewed by GEOOS

Special thanks to Wei Yan Hang Yu (a WeChat official account)

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