Speed and Passion: Beihang AERO Formula Racing Team
Release time:January 15, 2021

Recently, the AERO formula racing team from Beihang University was invited to attend the 2020 China Autonomous Grand Ceremony and conduct a live-streaming interview with CCTV. In the interview, the team members gave a brief introduction to the structure and racing technologies of AERO formula racing cars such as the man-machine interactive system. They also recalled the process of building the formula racing car and gave a glimpse into the future of vehicle technologies.

The AERO formula racing team, founded in 2009, is one of the largest student science and technology innovation teams at Beihang University. In the past decade, the team has always been adhering to the attitude of “being extremely focused and striving to bring the best”, and has harvested great victories since its inception.

Every year, more than 120 undergraduates and graduates from 15 schools such as the School of Astronautics, the School of Electronic and Information Engineering and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences join the team and participate in the design and racing events.

With a positive attitude and passionate members, the team has participated in the Formula Student China (FSC) series for 11 consecutive years and achieved fruitful results. In the recently concluded 2020 FSC series, the team nabbed several prizes, including the Second Prize of Formula Student Electric China, the Second Prize of Efficiency Test of Formula Student Electric China, and the Second Prize of Formula Student Autonomous China.

The School of Transportation Science and Engineering has been fostering the team’s development with a training platform and a hi-tech lab, which covers vehicle engineering, transportation, civil engineering and many other areas. With professional help from the school, the team has blazed a trail and made great progress. At present, it has a comprehensive structure, involving a petrol car team, an electric car team and an autonomous car team.

After rapid development of the 11 years, the AERO formula racing team has developed into a domestic first-class team with the characteristics of aeronautics and astronautics. It plays a significant role in enriching the campus and cultivating outstanding talents for China's automotive and aerospace industries.

The team is a living picture of Beihanger’s craftsmanship, innovation and cooperation and there is no doubt that it will make greater progress and deliver more exciting victories in the future.

Reported by the Publicity Department of the Party Committee

Edited by Li Ziqing and Lyu Xingyun

Translated by Li Xueru and Lyu Xingyun