All to Zero:The 26th Beihang Campus Singing Competition
Release time:June 1, 2021

On the evening of May 16, the 26th Beihang Campus Singing Competition, which was also the first solo concert of Beihang Art Festival, was held in the Sunrise Concert Hall. The competition was sponsored by the Youth League Committee of Beihang University and organized by the School of Materials Science and Engineering. The professional evaluation team included Zhang Hexuan, a famous Chinese singer and songwriter, Huang Hong, a veteran musician and Guo Shihan, a famous young conductor. Two previous champions of the competition, Wang Tianyang and Zhao Hesen, were also invited to be judges. After several rounds of fierce competition, ten contestants advanced to the final with their melodious voices.

A Special Opening

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the final started with an original song “Red Ship” (Hong Chuan), which was full of deep patriotic feelings. Duan Xiaoyue, the songwriter, and the top ten singers commemorated the extraordinary history and expressed their belief in serving the country in the fields of aeronautics and astronautics with their voices deep from hearts.

The performance of “Red Ship” (Hong Chuan)

The final included three rounds: “cocoon-breaking”, “butterfly-transforming” and “new voice”.

The First Round: Cocoon-Breaking

It was an intense qualifying round in which many outstanding singers performed fantastically, such as a love song duet “Breaking-up with Tears” (Liu Zhe Lei Shuo Fen Shou), an all-star band’s performance “November Rain” and a human voice and suona horn integrating performance “Jiu Er”. Experiencing rounds of drastic contests, Deng Yi, Li Shuting, Liu Ziheng, Saidaer, Run Yuxuan entered the next round directly and Liu Wenzhao was revived to have a second chance in the competition by 50 public judges.

The performances of the contestants in the first round

Since 2019, an original session was added to the campus singing competition to discover good songwriters who could depict the young and elegant image of Beihang University with their works. After the online voting and professional judges’ rating, “Juvenile” (Shao Nian) by An Ka, “The Lucky One” (Xing Yun Er) by Wang Chenyu and “Coming of Age” by Wang Yuqi won the first, second and third prizes, respectively.

An Ka, the winner of the original session

Wang Tianyang presented awards to the first, second and third prize-winners of the original session

Wang Tianyang sang his original song “By Moonlight” (Jie Yue)

The Second Round: Butterfly-Transforming

The “butterfly-transforming” round is a rivalry competition where the 6 winners of the last round were divided into different groups by their grades. The brand-new system injected new vitality and energy to the whole competition in which many surprising and unpredictable changes happened during the process.

The performances of contestants in the second round

As one of the events in the first Beihang Art Festival held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the 26th singing competition carried a special meaning. Beihang Student Dance Troupe was invited to perform their original dance, “The Red Spirit in My Heart” (Wo Xin Zhong De Hong), which has won the first prize in the 6th National College Student Art Exhibition in art performance category and the Award for Outstanding Creation. With red flags fluttering, the dancers paid tribute to all the revolutionaries who had been persistent and braved hardships during the past 100 years with their stunning performance, showing the determination of Beihangers to serve the country with their innovation in scientific research and commitment to the aerospace industry of China.

Beihang Student Dance Troupe performed “The Red Spirit in My Heart”

The Third RoundNew Voice

After fierce competition, Run Yuxuan conquered the hearts of the audience and judges with a song “Wandering” (Liu Lang Ji). The beautiful combination of vocal technique and emotion made her winner of the 26th Beihang Campus Singing Competition. Li Shuting won the second prize and Deng Yi won the third prize.

The third-round competition

Zhang Hexuan presented awards to the first, second and third prize-winners

Zhang Hexuan sang “Wind on the Hilltop” (Shan Ding Shang You Feng)

Spirit of Youth: Always on the Way

Over the past 100 years, young people have forged ahead with the hard work and fortitude on the journey. At the end of the final, five contestants sang a special version of “Juvenile” (Shao Nian) to celebrate the CPC centenary. The catchy tune got the audience to sing along with the contestants and the competition culminated in this touching song.

Contestants performed a special version of “Juvenile” (Shao Nian)

There were thousands of viewers from both inside and outside the university watching the competition online. During the competition, the screen was flooded with bullet comments from viewers to express their best wishes to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.


Screenshot of the live streaming

As a large-scale and influential art event, Beihang Campus Singing Competition has been successfully held for 26 sessions, providing a stage for Beihangers to realize their dreams and show their talents. Meanwhile, the upgrading system for the original songs has attracted many songwriters in the campus to participate, which also strengthens the humanistic construction in Beihang and shows the spirit of a new generation of young college students.

Group photo

Reported by Yu Wanxin and Zhang Jikai

Translated by Li Zhuoyang and Li Xueru

Designed by Wu Haojing

Special thanks to the School of Materials Science and Engineering