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Beihang Art Gallery Showcases Students' Works
Release time:May 17, 2021 / Li Zhuoyang

A joint exhibition of the 12th Annual Exhibition of Excellent Works of Undergraduates, the 6th After School Art Works Exhibition and the 31st Beihang “Feng Ru Cup” Art and Design Competition was held at Beihang Art Gallery from May 6 to 15. The exhibition was sponsored by the Department of Academic Affairs and Youth League Committee and organized by the School of New Media Art and Design.

The exhibition showcased more than 760 excellent student works including digital paintings, illustration books and other painting works; posters, digital arts and media design and other design works; cartoons, short films and other video works; as well as integrated materials, art installation and other integrated works.

The exhibition aims to educate and cultivate people through aesthetic activities and to guide and inspire students to take an interest in art creation. It is intended to foster students’ artistic cultivation and innovative mindset, promote the construction of aesthetic education and strengthen interdisciplinary integration, with which to cultivate outstanding talents who are innovative, passionate and have eagerness to take on challenges.

In the context of “a good life”, the display encourages the exploration of artistic language and style based on the integration of science and art. The works on display demonstrate the Chinese traditional culture and the advanced humanistic thoughts of the times. Combining the depth in thoughts and beauty in form, the works are not only students’ art achievements but also essential measures taken to create an aesthetic education environment in the university.

Reported by Ma Xiaona

Photographed by Dong Pingping and Wang Shan

Reviewed by Wang Qun

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Li Zhuoyang

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