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Academician Zheng Zhiming Elected as Vice President of China Senior Professors Association
Release time:May 20, 2021 / Zang Mingming

On May 11, the 6th Board Meeting of the 8th Session of China Senior Professors Association was held in Beijing Conference Center, during which the members discussed documents for the preparation of the 9th National Congress and approved the suggested list of candidates of council members, leading organizations and presidium for the 9th National Congress.

Academician Zheng Zhiming, President of Beihang “Three Seniors” Association (the collective name for Senior Scientific and Technical Workers Association, Senior Professors Association and Senior Educators Association at Beihang University), was elected as the vice president of China Senior Professors Association. Besides, Professor Zheng Yanliang, Executive Vice President of Beihang “Three Seniors” Association, was elected as the executive director.

China Senior Professors Association, formerly known as “Beijing Senior Professors Lecturing Group” established in 1985 with the approval of the State Education Commission of the PRC, was renamed as “China Senior Professors Association” in 1991 with the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC.

The Association is a national, professional and non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by professors, associate professors, researchers, associate researchers and other experts with senior professional and technological titles over the age of 55. Over the years, it has contributed a lot to organizing private education activities, providing scientific and technological consulting services, promoting international academic exchanges and cooperation, and compiling academic works and popular science readings.

Reported by Zheng Yanliang

Reviewed by Zha Guoqing

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Zang Mingming

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