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Beihang Students Win First Prize in 23rd “FLTRP · ETIC Cup” National English Debating Competition
Release time:June 29, 2021 / Lyu Xingyun

Recently, the 23rd “FLTRP · ETIC Cup” National English Debating Competition, which lasted about three months, came to an end. Led by Sun Mei, a teacher from the School of Foreign Languages, the team from Beihang University composed of Yao Haotian and Xiang Zhaoxuan, has hacked their way through the preliminary round, intermediate round and final contest, and finally won first prize in the national final. The two students were also honored with the title of “Best Debater” (only 7 winners nationwide).

The national final was conducted both online and offline. With their rich knowledge, in-depth thinking and exquisite debating skills, the two debaters in science and engineering majors impressed the judges and won the top prize finally. They will team up to compete in the online World Universities Debating Competition (WUDC) later this year.

After 23 years of development, the “FLTRP · ETIC Cup” National English Debating Competition has evolved into a high-standard, large-scale national competition. It has been listed on the "Innovative Talent Cultivation and Subject Competition Rankings of Chinese Universities" by the Ministry of Education.

In recent years, the School of Foreign Languages has actively explored a talent cultivation model that combines subject competition and course teaching. Based on Beihang's Elite English class, it has cultivated an ambitious and competent speech and debate team, who has won numerous awards in various speech and debate competitions across the country and the world.

Reported by Sun Mei

Reviewed by Ma Shuwei

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Lyu Xingyun

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