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The 1st 2021 Undergraduate Admission Letter from Beihang Sent
Release time:July 9, 2021 / Zheng Quan

The first 2021 Undergraduate Admission Letter from Beihang University was sent out on the morning of July 7.

Beihang's admission package contains various contents, carrying the university’s best wishes for the new students. On the covers of these customized EMS mailing packages, 7 planes are arranged into the shape of the Big Dipper, which stands for infinite hope and reverie. The admission letter was designed by Yang Lingxiao, a student from the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation.

Zhongyang County of Lyuliang City, north China's Shanxi Province, a county that Beihang has helped to fulfill its poverty alleviation target, also prepared a gift for new Beihangers: an exclusive ZhongYang paper-cut handmade by Zhongyangers. The Chinese word “Hui Da" is carved on the paper-cut, standing for the expectation of the new generation of Beihangers for their answers to the future.

In addition, an introduction to Beihang financial funding policies was also included in these packages. For the freshmen with economic hardship, Beihang University provides them with a special green channel and funding system.

The first undergraduate admission letter of Beihang in 2021 was received by Gao Zihang, a student majoring in applied physics from Beijing Qiangji Program. After receiving the letter, Gao Zihang shared the joy with his families. "Beihang University is famous for its rigorous academic atmosphere. Here, I can work together with my classmates to overcome difficulties. I am full of hope for my future work, and working in the field of aerospace is my dream. With my effort, I hope to push forward physics research with others to solve the bottleneck problems for my country."

Nearly 4,000 undergraduate admission letters will be sent out. The customized version of Beihang Admission Envelope will be sent to each freshman, containing the admission notice, Zhongyang paper cut, and a letter to the freshmen.

Reported by Yao Youlin, Wen Xinlin and Kong Xiangming

Photographed by Di Bailu

Reviewed by Deng Yi

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Zheng Quan

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