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Beihang Students Win 3 Gold, 1 Silver and Runner-up Trophy in ICPC
Release time:July 27, 2021 / Wen Peiyu

From July 17 to 18, the 45th International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) East Asia Regional Competition (Shenyang Division) was held at Northeastern University. Four teams from Beihang University have won three gold medals and one silver medal, and the team “Cangxiang” composed of Zhong Zihao, Peng Maoxiaomin and Wen Jiahao from the School of Computer Science and Engineering was honored the runner-up trophy.

This has been the best achievement of Beihang University in ICPC over the past three years. A total of 285 teams from 156 universities took part in this competition.

The competition in Shenyang Division is the last competition of the 2020-2021 ICPC Regional Competition. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this competition lasted for more than eight months, spanning from 2020 to 2021 and covering seven divisions, including Shanghai, Nanjing, Jinan, Kunming, Yinchuan, Macao, and Shenyang. In April 2021, the Final of the China Division were held in Xi’an, with a total of 8 competitions.


Beihang has organized 14 training teams (each with 3 people) for the competition, with members from seven schools including School of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Software, School of Cyber Science and Technology, School of Mathematical Sciences, ShenYuan Honors College, School of Economics and Management, and School of Beijing. The ICPC training team of Beihang University participated in all the seven sub-races and the finals in China. In these eight competitions, teams from Beihang University have won 13 gold medals, 11 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals in total.

The ICPC training team of Beihang University also participated in the 6th China Collegiate Programming Contest (CCPC), an annual competition sponsored by China Collegiate Programming Contest Association for college students all over the country. All of the 12 teams from Beihang University received awards in the sub-competitions, winning 3 gold medals, 5 silver medals, and 4 bronze medals. One team composed of Peng Maoxiaomin, Zou Zengyu and Song Hangyang from the School of Computer Science and Engineering was selected for the final and won a bronze medal.

ICPC is recognized as an international collegiate programming contest with the largest scale, the highest level and the largest number of participants in the world, with the aim to enable students to fully demonstrate their abilities to analyze and solve problems with computers. Known as the “Olympic” competition in the IT industry, it is highly concerned by the world’s top IT enterprises and attracts the active participation of the world’s top universities and colleges every year.

Reported by Song You

Reviewed by Zhang Desheng

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Wen Peiyu

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