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First Lecture 2021 for New Students Delivered
Release time:September 22, 2021 / Li Zhuoyang

On the morning of September 18, First Lecture 2021, a signature event of Beihang University designed for all newcomers, was given by Cao Shumin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beihang University. Over 10,000 new undergraduate and graduate students listened to the lecture in more than 60 venues at both Xueyuan Road Campus and Shahe Campus. The event was moderated by Cheng Bo, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of Beihang University.

Secretary Cao first expressed her sincere congratulations to all fresh students on being admitted to Beihang. At the golden season of the year, rich activities and events as well as the opening ceremony attended jointly by undergraduates and postgraduates were held during the orientation week for fresh students.

2021 September 18 marks the 90th anniversary of the “September 18 Incident” and is also the 21st Nationwide National Defense Education Day. Cao hoped that everyone will reflect on the past, exercise the complete competence to contribute to the realization of building a strong country with a strong military.

Secretary Cao noted that 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. China has realized the first centenary goal — building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Generation after generation of young Chinese have devoted their youth to the cause of the Party and the people over the past century. Cao stressed that, in the new era, our young people should make it their mission to contribute to building China into a great modern socialist country in all respects.

On reviewing the glorious history of Beihang, Cao gave students an insight into the past 69-year development of the university, encouraging the new faces to devote themselves to the nation by fulfilling their missions and take the serving of the country as the highest value.

Since Beihang was founded in 1952, generations of Beihangers have been passing on the spirit of serving the country in the fields of aeronautics and astronautics. With the development of the country, more and more Beihangers have made major breakthroughs in core technologies in key areas, making outstanding contributions to the country.

Since 2021, Beihang has adopted a brand-new system in cultivating high-quality talents by focusing on vision, basic knowledge, practice and the integration of science and teaching, meeting the requirements of development in the new era.

She also hoped that every student can pursue a positive and active life, take the initiative and be self-motivated, improve the learning and thinking ability, become a person who wants to do things, can do things, and can do them well, and keep reading and exercising. “I hope all of you will take on the important tasks of national rejuvenation and strive for a new chapter of youth in the new era,” said Secretary Cao.

The two-hour lecture came to a successful close with warm applause.

With Shahe Campus being the main venue, over 60 branch venues at the two campuses were set up for the event. Meanwhile, the lecture was also streamed for students from various schools.

Reported by Wang Qing

Photographed by Di Bailu, Zhang Keli, Zhu Quan, Li Yi, Qin Yuhang, Chen Jiaheng, and Zhang Xiuhui

Reviewed by Li Jianwei

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Li Zhuoyang

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