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Beihang Students Win 1 Grand Prize, 5 First Prizes, and 4 Second Prizes in 6th National Cryptography Competition
Release time:December 2, 2021 / Li Yifan

From November 25 to 27, the finals of the 6th National Cryptography Competition was held at China Electric Power Research Institute, with a total of 121 teams from 55 universities and enterprises across China participating in the event. 10 teams from Beihang University won 1 Grand Prize, 5 First Prizes, and 4 Second Prizes after intense competition.

Among the winning entries, “A Fair Self-Statistics E-Voting System for Privacy Protection of Bills” from Beihang Univeristy won the Grand Prize and Li Huilin, as one of the winners who participated in the project, delivered a speech on behalf of all participants at the closing ceremony.

Aiming at heightening awareness of cryptography, popularizing cryptographic knowledge, enacting cryptographic technology, and discovering talents in cryptography, the National Cryptography Competition has been held for six consecutive sessions. It is currently the highest level and most influential cryptographic competition nationwide. The 6th National Cryptography Competition was hosted by the Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research (CACR) and organized by the China Electric Power Research Institute with the guidance of the State Cryptography Administration.

Reported by Guan Tianyu

Reviewed by Jiang Yanling

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Li Yifan

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