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Lab for Low-carbon Intelligent Governance Approved as One of First Batch of Philosophy and Social Science Laboratories
Release time:December 14, 2021 / Yi Bowen

Recently, in accordance with the deployment of the pilot construction of philosophy and social science laboratories, the General Office of the Ministry of Education announced the list of the first batch of philosophy and social science laboratories. The Lab for Low-carbon Intelligent Governance (LLIG), led by the School of Economics and Management of Beihang University, was on the list of the first batch of philosophy and social science laboratories (cultivation) approved by the Ministry of Education.

LLIG aims to establish a platform for high-end talent training and scientific research through the integration of management science, economics, data science, behavioral science and other methods to support the implementation of the national “carbon peak and carbon neutral” strategy. LLIG will focus on solving major scientific and policy issues of low-carbon governance, and will deeply integrate Beihang’s superior disciplines such as management science, computer, artificial intelligence, applied economy, public management, and foreign languages, in order to innovate low-carbon policy research theories system. LLIG is committed to establishing a digital twin-based big data platform and laboratory environment, and developing a world-class platform for low-carbon policy simulation and optimization with independent intellectual property rights and sharing and openness. On this basis, LLIG will create uniquely advantageous software and hardware conditions and a talent team to provide data foundation, simulation platform, stress testing system and policy evaluation method for the policy design in low-carbon governance, and provide scientific support for the country’s macro and micro policy design for low-carbon development.

LLIG is the only laboratory for low-carbon governance and sustainable development among all approved laboratories, and it is also the only approved laboratory among universities under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This is an important progress that Beihang University has made in the construction of a scientific research platform for philosophy and social science. During the cultivation cycle, LLIG will strictly follow the requirements of the Ministry of Education to carry out standardized, professional, and substantive construction to serve the “carbon peak and carbon neutral” strategy. At the same time, LLIG will also aim at the academic frontier, promote interdisciplinary integration, innovate research paradigms and methods, and make full use of modern information technology and advanced experimental methods to carry out strategic, forward-looking and practical research. LLIG will actively explore the characteristic development path of philosophy and social science disciplines in engineering universities, and play an exemplary and leading role.

Written by Yi Bowen

Reviewed by Zheng Haitao

Edited by Jia Aiping

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