Launching Ceremony and Training Mobilization Meeting Held for Beihang Volunteers of 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics
Release time:January 21, 2022

A launching ceremony and training mobilization meeting for Beihang volunteers of the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games was held at Sunrise Concert Hall on January 18, just 17 days before the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Among the attendees were Zhang Xiufeng, Deputy Director of the Volunteer Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, Liu Bingquan, Director of the Technical Secondary School Work Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, Cheng Bo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Beihang University, Li Guangyu, Volunteer Manager of the National Alpine Ski Centre and Executive Dean of Beihang’s Shou’e College, etc. The ceremony was presided over by Zhuang Yan, Secretary of the Youth League Committee.

The ceremony started with the solemn national anthem. Following that, all the attendees watched the volunteer service video of the 2022 Winter Olympics, and Li Guangyu introduced the overall preparation of the volunteer work.


Wang Hanzhou, a representative of Beihang’s Winter Olympics volunteers, said in his speech that he will shape the sense of striving and mission and a stronger bond of attachment during his work as a volunteer assistant and make every effort to tell Beihang’s story well.


Ding Ruiyun, a representative of the teachers leading the Beihang’s Winter Olympics volunteer team, noted that the volunteers’ enthusiasm and desire provide a source of strength for full commitment and unremitting efforts. Beihang Spirit is the driving force for Beihang volunteers to brave hardships and difficulties. The care and full support from the university act as a strong support for volunteers to do their work well.

Zhang Xiufeng fully affirmed the outstanding performances of Beihang students in many major national volunteer service work. At the critical stage when the preparatory work for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is facing the final sprint, Zhang Xiufeng hoped that all the volunteers should always remember the mission and strengthen their political responsibility, strictly follow relevant discipline and rules and enhance their sense of responsibility, and actively participate in training and improve their ability, so as to make contributions to the Winter Olympic Games with excellent performance.

Liu Bingquan said that Beihang, as the leading university of Yanqing Venue Group and the main responsible university of the National Alpine Ski Center, has always been the backbone of the volunteer service of the Winter Olympic Games. He expected all volunteers to devote themselves to volunteer work and improve their skills in volunteer service.

Cheng Bo expressed his heartfelt thanks and sent blessings to all Beihang volunteers and the volunteer department of the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee. He said that since the launching of the volunteer recruitment work of the Winter Olympics, Beihang has set up a special work team and actively coordinated and promoted the implementation of specific tasks. Finally, a total of 428 Beihang volunteers were selected to complete the 73-day service in 13 areas such as venue management, personnel management and so on. He hoped all the volunteers will have a deeper understanding of the significance of participating in the Winter Olympics volunteer service, devote themselves to the work with greater enthusiasm, and then be more prepared to deal with challenges and ensure the safe, smooth and excellent completion of their work.

Following that, Cheng Bo presented the student volunteer representatives with supply bags which are also the university’s expectations and blessings for the volunteers. Zhang Xiufeng awarded the project appointment letter to the special mentors, and Liu Bingquan presented the Winter Olympics badge to the teacher representatives.

The flag conferring ceremony for the Winter Olympics volunteer service team was also held. All the volunteers took the oath together to express their determination.


The ceremony came to a close with the song “Together for a Shared Future”.

After the ceremony, Feng Rong from Beihang Positive Psychological Experience Center conducted relevant psychological training for volunteers. Trainings on first aid, CPR and the use of AED were also conducted.

Beihang University has started the selection and recruitment of volunteers for the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games since March 2020, and 428 students were selected from 4,553 registered volunteers, all of whom have major event service experience and student work experience. The Party Committee of the university has always attached great importance to the volunteer work of the Winter Olympic Games and held a series of activities to make contribution to a safe and wonderful Olympic event for the world.

Reported and Edited by Wang Qing

Photographed by Di Bailu, Zhu Quan, Zhang Zhibo and Jiang Haiyang

Reviewed by Zhuang Yan

Translated by Li Zhuoyang