Beihangers in Action: Building a Line of Defense Against COVID-19
Release time:May 24, 2022

Recently, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in the capital is severe and complicated, and sporadic hidden cases and several clustered outbreaks have been reported in several places, adding uncertainty to epidemic prevention and control.

To ensure the safety of teachers and students, all departments of Beihang University strictly and promptly implemented various epidemic prevention and control measures, and built a line of defense against COVID-19.

Guarding the Gate for Safety

Beihang has tightened entry restrictions on both campuses and only certain gates are open for access. During the closed-off management, all people and vehicles coming in and out need to register and have the identification and Health Kit checked. Safety guards are responsible for directing the traffic and keeping order. Besides, school buses are suspended from May 14 until further notice. The university firmly implements Beijing's COVID-19 prevention and control requirements to protect the campus.

Orderly Nucleic Acid Testing

Beihang carried out nucleic acid testing for all staff in the two campuses in accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control. The testing sites were orderly and everyone kept a safe distance of the “two-meter line”.

Ensuring the Needs of Students

The dining halls on both campuses serve abundant food supply, including a variety of staple food and stir-fries. Students and teachers can enjoy tasty and healthy food in an orderly way.

Teachers and students are advised to stagger meal times, wear masks and have their temperature taken before going into the hall. They stand in a line to get the food and avoid close contact. To enhance the management, there is now only one entrance and one exit in a dining hall.

Besides, to satisfy the needs of teachers, students and residents, the university purchases enough goods and ensures abundant supplies on campus.

Calling for Less Online Purchase and Parcel Delivery

Recent COVID-19 cases have shown that there are possibilities and risks of exposure to the coronavirus during package delivery. Therefore, it is encouraged to make less online purchases and deliveries. The pandemic prevention measures will be adjusted dynamically according to requirements.

At this critical juncture, it is more important for us to adhere to the general policy of the university and unite to build a line of defense against COVID-19. Let’s join forces to win the victory of successful epidemic prevention and control and create a safe, clean and beautiful campus environment.

Edited and translated by Wen Li and Zang Mingming

Designed by Song Ying

Reviewed by General Editorial Office of Official Site (GEOOS)

(Source: WeChat Official Account “Beihang University”)