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Beihang Student Wins Special Prize in 4th 5MRP Competition
Release time:January 17, 2022 / Yin Ruyue

Recently, Liu Yuanbo, an undergraduate student from the School of Foreign Languages, won the special prize in the 4th Five-Minute Research Presentation (5MRP) Competition.

On January 2, 2022, 31 teams from different competition regions across the country competed online for nearly 3 hours. Finally, 16 entries stood out and were selected as the special prize of the final. Liu Yuanbo was ranked 10th in the mixed group of undergraduates and graduates.

Since the beginning of the competition in May 2021, the School of Foreign Languages has attached great importance to the event, including establishing the instructor team to provide detailed and professional guidance to the participants. This year marks the second year of our university to participate in this competition. In order to stimulate students’ enthusiasm and initiative of foreign language learning and to guide them to combine their professions with foreign language learning, the School of Foreign Languages encourages students of all majors to participate in the scientific research speech competition, so as to promote their scientific research ability and English language skills, such as fast reading, writing short papers, delivering academic speeches, and cooperating and effective communication skills in a team.

This year, thousands of entries from more than 100 colleges and universities in over 30 regions were submitted for the competition, covering over 40 disciplines and majors such as aeronautics, engineering, agriculture, medicine and so on.

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