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Beihang Holds Story Sharing Activity to Celebrate International Women’s Day
Release time:March 8, 2022 / Li Yifan

On the afternoon of March 5, female teachers and students of Beihang University gathered in the Ruxin Lecture Hall to share the stories of mentoring face to face in celebration of the upcoming International Women's Day.

Among attendees were Tan Hong, member of the leading Party members’ group and vice chairman of Beijing Women's Federation, Song Lijing, chairman of Beijing Education Trade Union, Liu Shuchun, chairman of Beihang Trade Union and vice president of Beihang University, Su Donglin, director of Beihang Women’s Work Committee, and representatives from various departments and schools. A total of more than 80 people attended the event.

At the event, Professor Sun Zhimei, the winner of “March 8th Red-Banner Individual Holder”, Professor Li Hongyi, the winner of “Capital Labor Medal”, and Professor Shen Yingchun, the winner of “Beihang Moral Achievement and Talent Cultivation Award”, interacted with students and teachers and shared their principles of mentoring and stories that happened with their students. Their true emotions fully interpreted the passion for being a “teacher” as well as how to be a guide in the life of the younger generation. The talk was hosted by Professor Hong Guanxin, president of Beihang Women Professors’ Association.

During the interactive session, the participating students also shared “the best mentors in their lives” and how they were influenced and encouraged.

On behalf of all the members of Beijing Women's Federation Party Group and the staff of the Federation, Tan Hong extended greetings to the female teachers and students of Beihang University on the occasion of the festival. She said that in recent years, an increasing number of female teachers have stood out from Beihang University with their commitments to fostering virtue and comprehensive education. She also hoped that all female teachers will strive to be good teachers with ideas and beliefs, moral values, extensive knowledge, and a loving heart, and all female students can be energetic and enterprising, and strive to shoulder the great responsibility of national rejuvenation.

Song Lijing noted that it is of great significance to celebrate International Women’s Day by exchanging stories between female teachers and students. These touching stories, advanced practices and excellent experiences of outstanding female teachers can encourage women working in different fields to make more contributions and lead them towards a brighter future.

In his address, Liu Shuchun stressed that the harmonious teacher-student relationship is the key to the positive development of students and also the core of the professional ethics of teachers. The female teachers and students of Beihang University are the indispensable force for the construction and development of theuniversity.

The year 2022 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of Beihang University, Su Donglin issued an initiative to all female teachers and students, hoping that all the female teachers and students of Beihang University will cherish the opportunity of this golden era, shoulder the glorious mission, devote their youth to the great cause of national development, and achieve a brilliant life together with Beihang's march forward in the journey.

Through experience sharing, story telling, interaction and communication, this activity, as a part of the “Month of Caring for Female Faculty” series activities, aims to show the spirit of Beihang female teachers in devoting themselves to educating people for the Party and the country, promote the emotional integration between female teachers and students, and arouse the deep thinking of female teachers and students on tutor-student relationships.

Reported by Wang Qing and Wang Xingge

Photographed by Di Bailu

Reviewed by Li Jianwei

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Li Yifan

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