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251 Beihang Volunteers Serve Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics, One Receives Volunteer STAR Award
Release time:March 16, 2022 / Xu Ziqing

The closing ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games came to an end at the National Stadium on March 13. Team China nabbed 18 gold medals, 20 silvers and 23 bronzes at the Games and ranked first in both gold count and overall medal count, achieving the best-ever results in China's Winter Paralympic history. Some teachers, students and volunteers from Beihang University watched the closing ceremony on the scene.

In the "Appreciation to Volunteers" session, Zhang Yan from Beihang University came on stage as one of the six volunteer representatives, and received a gift from the newly elected members of the IPC Athletes' Commission for her outstanding performance at the Games.

At the event, a number of student and faculty volunteers from Beihang University also appeared in a volunteer-themed video played at the scene, including Song Shuyang, Jing Yanqi, Zhu Zhaopeng, Wu Jiaxin, Dong Xinzhe, etc.

During the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Zhang Yan served as a volunteer escort for doping control work at the National Alpine Skiing Centre, and she has escorted more than 200 athletes with a total service time of nearly 450 hours.

Despite the cold temperatures, complex terrain and high winds, she overcomed various difficulties such as writing with frozen fingers, breathing under thick protective suit, and language barriers. With her excellent qualities as a female pilot and the spirit of Beihang students, Zhang integrated her professional training experience in flight technology into the Winter Paralympics services, so as to fulfill all tasks calmly and work well with the team. Her team laid a solid foundation for the anti-doping task and she was finally awarded the title of Volunteer STAR.

Zhang Yan and her parents have been working respectively in the Yanqing and Beijing competition zones early before the Chinese New Year. During the two months of closed-loop management, Zhang Yan and her parents made video calls at least once a week to exchange their experiences and ideas on problem solving. They shared the results with team members in an effort to improve the efficiency and service level of the entire team. The story of "a family of three serving for the Winter Olympics" has won universal praise, and was reported by CCTV, Beijing TV and other mainstream media.

“You are the beating heart of the Paralympic Games, your enthusiasm gives us energy and inspires everyone," said IPC President Parsons in his speech. This is also a full recognition and inspiration for all Beihang volunteers, just like Zhang Yan.

In the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games, a total of 251 volunteers from Beihang University were assigned to the National Alpine Skiing Centre, Banquan Comprehensive Service Center, Headquarters for venues in Yanqing Competition Zone and transportation facilities guarantee. With their efforts, the Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games were smoothly connected and both achieved great success.

Reviewed by Li Jianwei

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Xu Ziqing

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