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Beihang Students Earn Top Honor in 4th “Huawei Cup” China Postgraduate IC Innovation Competition
Release time:March 28, 2022 / Wen Li

On March 18, 2022, the final round of the 4th “Huawei Cup” China Postgraduate IC Innovation Competition (CPICIC) and the award ceremony were held in IC Park, Beijing. Team F928, consisting of three students from the School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Beihang University —— Chen Yuhao (leader), Zhu Yanan and Gao Yunfei, has been honored with the title of “Star of IC Innovation”, the top award in the competition.

CPICIC is jointly hosted by Chinese Society of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education and Children and Youth Science Center of CAST under the supervision of the Department of Degree Management & Postgraduate Education, Ministry of Education, and the secretariat is staffed by Cross-strait Tsinghua Research Institute. It is among the ten key contests in China Postgraduate Innovation & Practice Competitions and also represents the top-rated domestic IC innovation competition for postgraduates. This competition follows the national development strategy for integrated circuit industry in pursuit of cultivating high-level innovative talent in this field.

The 4th CPICIC was organized by Zhongguancun IC Park (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Since it was launched in April 2021, 499 teams from 101 postgraduate training institutes across the nation, including1,439 participating students and 427 instructors, signed up for the competition, hitting a record high. After several rounds of test, 15 teams were selected and advanced to the final round. In the end, Team F928 from Beihang University won the highest honor of the competition —— “Star of IC Innovation”, ranking top 3 in total score. Prof. Li Hongge won “Best Instructor Award”.

At present, a team works on neuromorphic chip led by Professor Li Hongge of Beihang University is devoting all its efforts to stochastic computing (SC), a global research hotspot. After years of research and study, Professor Li Hongge and Dr. Chen Yuhao proposed a new encoding method, referred to as amplitude and frequency encoding (AFE) for SC. This method uses the expectation of streams to achieve computation. Compared with the conventional stochastic bit stream, AFE realizes significant low-latency and largely improves computing efficiency. Based on the proposed novel computing mechanism, Team F928 developed their design for CPICIC. It is reported that the three teams who have won “Star of IC Innovation” are separately from East China Normal University, Xidian University and Beihang University.

Reported by Xie Zhengyang

Reviewed by Xu Yajun

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Wen Li

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