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Beihang Holds Donation Ceremony for “Xiaomi Young Scholars” Program
Release time:April 6, 2022 / Song Ziyun

A donation ceremony for the “Xiaomi Young Scholars” program was held in Beihang's Ruxin Conference Center on the morning of March 30. Before the donation ceremony, Xu Huibin, President of Beihang University, met with Wang Chuan, Co-founder and Senior Vice President of Xiaomi Corporation. Secretary General Ma Lan and Deputy Secretary General Diao Meiling of Xiaomi Foundation, Vice President Liu Shuchun and Deputy Party Secretary Zhao Gang of Beihang University also attended the ceremony.

The donation ceremony for the “Xiaomi Young Scholars” program

The Beihang University “Xiaomi Young Scholars” program established by Xiaomi Public Welfare Foundation is dedicated to supporting and encouraging young teachers, young researchers and young talents with outstanding achievements in science and obvious potential for innovation. It focuses such fileds as aerospace, information electronics, advanced manufacturing, advanced materials, basic science, life science, transportation, interdisciplinary science, etc. Beihang University is one of the first universities to receive support from “Xiaomi Young Scholars” program.

Before the donation ceremony, Xu Huibin met with Wang Chuan

Xu Huibin expressed his appreciation to Xiaomi Corporation for its support to the university’s teaching and research and for setting up the “Xiaomi Young Scholars” program. He noted that Beihang University will make full use of this program, reinforce the cultivation of young talents, and continue to contribute to strengthening ourcountry with talents in the new era and building a scientific and technological powerhouse with practical actions.

Xu Huibin gave a brief introduction of Beihang University

In his speech, Zhao Gang expressed his admiration for Xiaomi’s long-term strategic vision and high sense of social responsibility. He introduced the 70-year development history of Beihang University, as well as the achievements and contributions in faculty, discipline construction and scientific research innovation. He hoped that this donation will serve as an opportunity to lay a solid foundation for deeper exchanges and cooperation between Beihang University and Xiaomi Cooperation in more areas in the future.

Zhao Gang delivered a speech

Wang Chuan introduced the development of Xiaomi and its corporate culture. He said the rapid development of Xiaomi Corporation is attributed to the rise of Chinese manufacturing in the world, with many important contributions made by Beihang alumni who joined Xiaomi. He hoped that the two sides will strengthen exchanges and cooperation in more areas and jointly contribute to building China into a science and technology powerhouse in the future.

Wang Chuan delivered a speech

Following that, Zhang Yi, Director of Human Resource Department of Beihang University, briefed on Beihang’s talent team construction. He said the donation program will give priority to supporting disciplines closely related to Xiaomi's talent team building and project development.

At the ceremony, Chen Weiyang and Qiao Zhongliang, on behalf of more than 360 Beihang Alumni who are working at Xiaomi Corportion, delivered their speeches respectively. They recalled their days when studing at Beihang and expressed their gratitude for their alma mater, looking forward to continuing to promote the construction and development of the university in the future.

Chen Weiyang and Qiao Zhongliang delivered speeches respectively

Xiaomi Foundation Secretary General Ma Lan and Beihang Education Foundation Secretary General Yan Jiangfen signed the donation agreement on behalf of Xiaomi Foundation and Beihang University respectively.

The donation agreement signing ceremony

On behalf of Beihang University, Vice President Liu Shuchun presented a donation certificate and souvenir to Wang Chuan.

Liu Shuchun presented the donation certificate to Wang Chuan

Other attendees include relevant leaders from Xiaomi Corporation’s Human Resources Department, Technology Committee, Eco-chain Smart Hardware Department, Software Department; Xiaomi Foundation Integrated Management Department; Beihang University’s Financial Department, Institute of Science and Technology, Human Resource Department, Alumni Liaison and Development Department, the School of Computer Science and Engineering, etc.

Reported by Wang Qing and Shi Yue

Photographed by Di Bailu

Reviewed by Li Jianwei

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Song Ziyun

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