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Beihang Students Win Three Gold Medals in ICPC Asia Kunming Regional Contest
Release time:May 5, 2022 / Wen Li

The 46th ICPC Asia Kunming Contest was held in Kunming recently. Twelve students from four teams of Beihang University participated in the contest online.

After five hours of grueling competition, Beihang students bagged three gold medals, ranking top 3 among all participating universities. The three gold medal-winning teams are: the team made up of Pan Tianwei from the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Hao Zeyu from the School of Software and Liu Jiarui from the School of Cyber Science and Technology; the team made up of Wang Yulong and Quan Shanghaoran from Beihang School and Wu Zhanyu from the School of Computer Science and Engineering; the team made up of Lei Xiangyi from the School of Astronautics, Fan Jiahao and Ding Jiawei from ShenYuan Honors College.

ICPC Kunming Regional Contest is the sixth regional contest this year, with 889 teams from 317 universities including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beihang University, etc., participating in the contest online.

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM-ICPC) is the world’s largest and highest-attended top-level programming competition for college students. Known as the “Olympic Games” in the IT industry, the contest aims to enable students to fully demonstrate their ability to analyze and solve problems with computers. The contest is held once a year and this year witnesses the 46th contest. In the season of 2021-2022, ACM-ICPC has six regionals in east Asia, which are held in Jinan, Shenyang, Shanghai, Nanjing, Macau, and Kunming, respectively. The Asia-East Continent Final will be held in Xi’an after the regionals.

At Beihang University, the ACM-ICPC competition is guided by the Department of Academic Affairs and organized by the School of Software, attracting undergraduate and graduate students from all schools. Founded in 2005, the ACM Training Team of Beihang University organizes a university-level competition on program design each year to select ACM contestants while improving students’ programming skills.

ICPC regional contests are held roughly once a week and usually last for half a year. Universities that are promoted in regional contests and Asia-East Continent Final will be qualified to compete in the World Final of ICPC next year.

Reported by Cui Shaoke

Reviewed by Zhang Desheng

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Wen Li

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