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Beihang Professor Fu Huishan from School of Space and Environment Awarded Capital Labor Medal 2022
Release time:May 9, 2022 / Li Zhuoyang

Recently, honorary titles were awarded to some exemplary organizations and individuals by Beijing Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security to promote and encourage the spirit of model workers, the value of work, and the pursuit of fine workmanship.

Beihang professor Fu Huishan from the School of Space and Environment of Beihang University was awarded “Capital Labor Medal” 2022.

Fu Huishan is a professor and PhD supervisor in Beihang University. He is also the winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, deputy director of the Key Laboratory of Space Environment Monitoring and Information Processing, deputy director of the CSSR Committee on Space Physics, and core member of Innovative Research Groups of the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Professor Fu’s research interests lie in space science and planetary science. He has discovered discrete magnetoacoustic waves in space as well as a new theory of magnetic reconnection and a new mechanism of accelerating electrons at magnetic fronts in space. He has published 29 SCI papers as the first author in Nature PhysicsPRLGRLAPJL, and other journals. Fu’s research results are highly praised by academic organizations at home and abroad.

Professor Fu is a member of Beihang Postgraduate Education Supervision Group, and he teaches one of the core courses, Magnetospheric Physics, for postgraduate students. The PhD students under his supervision have been rated as associate professor (Liu Chengming) and assistant professor (Xu Yin). Among the postgraduate students under his supervision, two of them have been awarded excellent doctoral theses, five of them have won academic awards in their field, more than 50 students have won scholarships, and three students have participated in joint training programs overseas.

In addition, Professor Fu is the form teacher of undergraduate class of 2019 and he teaches one of the core courses, Introduction to Magnetospheric Physics, for undergraduate students. Fu’s class won the second prize in the singing competition held to celebrate PRC’s 70th founding anniversary. The undergraduate students under his supervision also have excellent performance and achieve many prizes, scholarships and honorary titles. Chen Xiaohang is one of them, who has won the first prize in “Feng Ru Cup” Science & Technology Competition.

Professor Fu Huishan is steadfast in his political stance and bears the big picture in mind and focuses on carrying out his duties. In terms of scientific research, he is rigorous and sticks to the principle of seeking truth from facts, and strictly follows the academic ethics. In the aspect of teachers’ code of morality, Professor Fu cares and encourages the students, works hard to foster the all-round moral, intellectual and physical development of students. Under his guidance, the students improve both research capability and social skills.

Reported by Xia Juping

Reviewed by Cheng Wenhao

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Li Zhuoyang

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