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Beihang Provides 10 Convenient Services to Students during Lockdown Period
Release time:May 20, 2022 / Zang Mingming

At present, Beijing is at a critical juncture in epidemic prevention and control. On May 16, Beihang further strengthened the close-off management of the campus.

To care for teachers and students and overcome difficulties, the university took action quickly and provided preferential treatment and convenient services for students through “10 heart-warming measures” as follows:

1. Each student will receive 50GB of mobile data, and the unused data will roll over to the next month.

2. The sports field on Xueyuan Road Campus is open 24 hours a day for convenient access and exercise; 20% discount on admission fees for swimming pools, badminton and table tennis courts is offered on both campuses.

3. YourGoal supermarket offers a 12% discount on its products and  22% special discount on fruits.

4. Cafes on both campuses provide 20% discount on commodities (including 6 yuan shared coffee), enrich food varieties and extend opening hours.

5. The dining halls of the two campuses are open for midnight snack. The Second Dining Hall of Xueyuan Road Campus and the First Dining Hall of West District on Shahe Campus set up service windows for night snack.

6. Medical stations are set up on both campuses to facilitate medical treatment of teachers and students and reduce the flow of people.

7. All the faculty and staff in the closed-loop management are on duty as nucleic acid testing volunteers.

8. Dedicated classrooms for online courses are open in the Middle School Division of Experimental School of Beihang University to serve university teachers and students.

9. Professional shared interview space for graduates are provided; intelligent consulting system and online employment guidance are launched; online application approval and self-service printing services are offered as well.

10. Party secretaries, deans and all counselors of each school visit the student dormitory to care for students and solve problems for them.

Reported by Zhu Quan, Zhang Keli and Zhang Xiuhui

Reviewed by Li Jianwei

Translated by Zang Mingming

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