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Beihang’s 70th Anniversary Special Website Opens
Release time:June 16, 2022 / Zang Mingming

October 25, 2022 marks the 70th anniversary of Beihang University. On June 15, a special anniversary website of Beihang University was officially launched.


For the 70th anniversary special website, the interface is integrated with Beihang’s aerospace style. On its homepage, “Beijing No. 1”, the first civil aircraft in new China designed and manufactured by Beihang teachers and students, flies past and embellishes the Main Building that has been standing there for 70 years. With the change of seasons, the three representative buildings, including Main Building, New Main Building and Main Building of Shahe Campus, witness the glorious development of the unversity and  Beihanger's aspiration and mission.

The 70th anniversary special website includes 6 major sections and 16 subsections and integrates various interactive functions. A dazzling array of browsing content, unique Beihang design, special personalized guide, layout design and detail control show the vitality of Beihang University.


The 70th anniversary special website also features three immersive interactive experiences with ingenuity. In the “Campus Tour” (in chinese, Yun Fan Xiao) section, you can immerse yourself in every corner of the campus and recall the past through the dynamic panoramic map. In “Milestones” (in Chinese, Sui Xu Bei Hang) section, you will enter the unique cockpit of “Beijing No. 1”, and accurately navigate Beihang’s 70-year history. You will also get your own special blessing poster after sending blessings to Beihang University in “Congratulations” (in chinese, Zhu Fu Bei Hang) section.

Besides, the 70th anniversary special website carries out vertical screen adaptation for the mobile terminal, with its interface being designed to be more concise and exquisite, and its interactive functions more comprehensive.

Go to to visit the website, and send blessings to our Alma Mater Beihang University!

Reviewed by Li Jianwei

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Zang Mingming

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