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International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Held Online
Release time:June 24, 2022 / Li Yifan

As one of the academic activities for celebrating the 70th anniversary of Beihang University, the International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence was held online on June 18. The workshop this year was hosted by the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Beihang University and was organized jointly by committees from the Chinese Institute of Command and Control, the School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering of Beihang University, Beijing Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Beijing University of Technology, some labs at Beihang University and other academic institutes. It attracted more than 500 experts and scholars from home and abroad to attend online.

Prof. David Doermann from the University at Buffalo, Prof. Martin Guay from Queen’s University, Prof. Danwei Wang from Nanyang Technological University, Prof. Hanxiong Li from City University of Hong Kong, Prof. Xiaohua Xia from the University of Pretoria, and Prof. Steven X. Ding from the University of Duisburg-Essen delivered their reports and interacted with other attendees at the workshop. Their reports cover the following topics, including “The evolving face of misinformation in text, image, and video content”, “Model free distributed optimization”, “Applications of deep-tech in environmental service”, “Control for intelligent manufacturing-A multiscale challenge”, “Distributed consensus problems in intelligent energy systems”, and “Cyber-secure performance degradation monitoring and recovery of automatic control systems”.

The International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence is supported by the “High-end Foreign Experts Recruitment Plan” launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology, aiming at improving the scientific research and academic influence of Beihang in the field of artificial intelligence by introducing experts and scholars from world-renowned organizations.

Reported by Dong Xiwang

Reviewed by Jin Rong

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Li Yifan

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