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The 1st 2022 Undergraduate Admission Letter from Beihang Sent
Release time:July 8, 2022 / Zang Mingming

On the afternoon of July 6, the first 2022 Undergraduate Admission Letter from Beihang University was officially sent out, starting the 2022 undergraduate admission of Beihang University.

This year, every 2022 freshman admitted to Beihang University will receive a gift box of undergraduate admission letters in the 70th anniversary edition, whose design is ingenious and tells a journey about the aerospace dreams of teenagers.

As the cards are unfolded layer by layer, the ticket to this trip—the admission letter comes into view. The 2022 admission letter is designed by Yan Fengyi, a student from the School of New Media Art and Design of Beihang University. Its cover is made of the number “70” and “harmonious coexistence” of the three main buildings’ figure, like a heavy book and also the wings of flight.

The badge of “Beihang’s 70 Years · The Big Dipper” lies quietly at the bottom of the box, with seven badges arranged in the shape of the Big Dipper, witnessing the glorious days of Beihang University.

Along with the gift box, there is also a letter to 2022 freshmen. Log in to Beihang Admissions website, and click “Admissions” and “Information Download” to get the most comprehensive freshman guide.

Wang Guangyang, a student majoring in aircraft power engineering of the Beijing Qiangji Program, received the first Beihang 2022 undergraduate admission letter. He opened the gift box to share the joy with family as soon as he received the letter. It is worth mentioning that Wang Guangyang’s father, Wang Qingjun, is a Beihang alumnus of the Class of 1992 and now works at the China Academy of Space Technology. Wang Qingjun could not hide his excitement when his child was admitted to his alma mater.

Wang Qingjun said: “Aerospace people of my generation have witnessed the rapid development of the country in the past few decades, and today’s China is strong enough to give our children more choices in life. I am very happy that my child can choose his own interests through his own efforts, and today, 30 years after I graduated, he is honored to be a‘second generation of aviation’and continues to fight for the national aerospace industry!”

After receiving the admission letter, Wang Guangyang was overwhelmed with joy. He said that he was very excited to be admitted to Beihang University. After 12-year efforts, he finally got into his favorite college and major, and lived up to the expectations of his parents and teachers. He was very pleasantly surprised and lucky to receive the first 2022 admission letter of Beihang University from teachers.

Behind the successful delivery of each admission letter is the eager expectation of Beihang to welcome a new batch of students. The joy and affection after receiving the admission letter will become an unforgettable memory for the students.

From now on, nearly 4,000 Beihang undergraduate admission letter gift boxes will be sent out. The customized Beihang EMS admission package bag will carry complete admission materials such as the admission letter, the undergraduate admission letter gift box, and a letter to the 2022 freshmen of Beihang University, and fly from the Beihang campus to each 2022 students.

“Serve the country for 70 years, and strive to be world-class in  the new era!” Looking forward to meeting every 2022 freshman of Beihang University on the campus in the golden autumn in September!

Reported by Wen Xinlin and Zhang Luyang

Photographed by Di Bailu, Jin Hui and Zhao Jinhao

Reviewed by Deng Yi

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Zang Mingming

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