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Beihang Robitics Team Wins First Prize at 2022 ROBOCON for Third Consecutive Year
Release time:July 28, 2022 / Song Ziyun

The 21st China University Robot Competition (2022 ROBOCON) and 2022 ABU ROBOCON, sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, was held online from July 23 to 24. Beihang Robotics Team overcame adverse factors such as the greatly compressed preparation time and the epidemic, working together to develop two new robots with a high level of competitiveness. After a fierce competition, Beihang Robotics Team won the first prize in ROBOCON with a perfect score, beating other 66 university teams across the country. This is the third consecutive year that Beihang Robotics Team has won this award.

As the most technically challenging and influential university robotics event in China, ROBOCON has been held for 21 years since 2002, with more than 100 institutions participating in. The Chinese team has won the championship in the international annual finals six times, and Beihang Robotics Team has won three third prizes, two second prizes, and three first prizes in the national competiton since 2020.

Every year, the host countries of the ABU ROBOCON formulate the content and rules of the competition based on the historical and cultural characteristics of their countries. The theme of this year’s competition derives from Lagori, a popular attack-and-defense game in ancient India. The Chinese organizing committee redesigns the rule to make it more suitable for online competition. In the competition, participants have to prepare two robots to work with each other to break one red tower and one blue tower on the field, and then build two new towers with both red and blue colors, according to the size of the blocks.

In the competition, the robots made by Beihang Robotics Team, with ingenious and creative design, hit the tower and ball with precision in one go, and they were fast, accurate and stable in the process of tower building. Finally, they achieved the task of perfect tower stacking and a flawless score within 166 seconds.

Over the past year, the Beihang team members have prepared for the competition with unremitting efforts. They overcame intense academic pressure and devoted their spare time to the competition. Their excellent performance fully demonstrated the spirit of Beihang students – always dare to be the first.

In recent years, the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation of Beihang University has built an integrated “Big Mechanical” curriculum system with equal emphasis on general studies and majors, a growth progression practice education system and a collaborative education system with in-depth cooperation between the university and enterprises, which provides great assistance for undergraduate students to carry out scientific and technological practice. Under the leadership of the Youth League Committee and with the strong support of various departments and alumni, Beihang Robotics Team attaches great importance to shaping the spiritual core, strengthening dynamic selection, implementing multiple competitions, and strengthening the leadership of the backbone to enhance team cohesion, which has grown into a beautiful symbol of Beihang students’ science and technology practice.

Reported by Qi Jianli

Reviewed by Zhang Zhigang

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Song Ziyun

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