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Industry-Education Integration Research Center for Outstanding Engineer Training Unveiled at Beihang
Release time:July 29, 2022 / Wen Li

On the afternoon of July 25, the inaugural meeting of Beihang Industry-Education Integration Research Center for Outstanding Engineer Training (hereinafter referred to as the Center) was held in Ruxin Conference Center. Among the attendees were Tang Jiwei from the Department of Degree Management & Postgraduate Education of the Ministry of Education, Li Guanyu from the Department of Personnel and Education of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Wu Yansheng from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), Beihang Secretary of the Party Committee Zhao Changlu, and Zhao Qinping, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering and chief consultant of the Center, Wu Weiren, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering and deputy chief consultant of the Center, and Beihang Deputy Secretaries of the Party Committee Zhao Gang and Cheng Bo, Beihang Vice President Lyu Weifeng, and relevant leaders from various departments and schools of Beihang University. The meeting was hosted by Lyu Weifeng.

Zhao Changlu extended gratitude and warm welcome to all the guests on behalf of Beihang University. He pointed out that training outstanding engineers is a major strategic decision made by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. President Xi Jinping has stated the core requirements and significance of training outstanding engineers when speaking at a central conference on talent-related work. As the first university specialized in aeronautics and astronautics in New China, Beihang has always taken serving the country as its highest pursuit, taken the responsibility of cultivating leading talent who were in urgent need in the field of engineering science and technology, and actively explored the way to train outstanding engineers independently. Therefore, with patriotism as primary principle, innovation capacity as the core attainment and practical skills as the fundamental requirement, Beihang’s way to train outstanding engineers is both special and useful. The university will continue to work closely with enterprises to promote the development of the Center and to jointly build an exemplar, aiming to make more contributions to construct the world talent hub.

In his speech, Tang Jiwei pointed out that we should consider both domestic and external situations, and that talent is the key to promoting China’s industrial transformation, building a manufacturing power, solving the bottleneck problems and achieving self-reliance and self-improvement in high-level science and technology. In regard to the university-enterprise joint training, he put forward three suggestions: take outstanding engineer training as a political task by trying the best to fulfill it; make great efforts to combine knowledge and practice together; summarize and study the situation and grasp an appropriate way. He hoped that the Center will promote the education of outstanding engineers and provide some experience in the university-enterprise cooperation model.

In his address, Li Guanyu said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) firmly believes that “talent is the prerequisite for industrial development”. MIIT has actively promoted the transformation in discipline layouts and talent cultivation and given full support to the integration of universities and enterprises. This time, Beihang has been a leading role. He also provided four suggestions: foster virtue through education; serve the major needs of the country; highlight the advantages of university-enterprise joint training; strengthen support in policy and resource.

Wu Yansheng noted that it is the common mission for universities and enterprises to cultivate engineering talent who were patriotic, devoted, innovative and skilled. Adhering to the original aspiration of serving the country, CASC endeavors to promote self-reliance, self-improvement and innovation in science and technology and to cultivate outstanding talent for the country. In future, it will further the cooperation with first-class universities such as Beihang and make more contributions in the aerospace field.

During the meeting, several representatives from different enterprises also delivered their speeches about the Center.

Prof. Zhao Weisheng introduced the preparations and objectives of the Center. Through the cooperation of Beihang University and leading enterprises, a platform will be built to encourage more interactions between industry and education, inspire more training plans and provide consultation services. More researches and exchanges will be conducted based on such a platform.

In addition, the Center hired a number of experts from the university and enterprises to better muster the wisdom and strengths. During the meeting, Zhao Changlu presented them with certificates.

Following that, Tang Jiwei, Li Guanyu, Wu Yansheng and Zhao Changlu unveiled the Center together.

Based on the Center, Beihang will advance its cooperation with enterprises, focus on the key fields and cultivate more outstanding talent, so as to serve the strategy on developing a quality workforce and build a country strong in science and technology.

Reported by Shi Cun

Photographed by Song Chao and Chen Mingyang

Reviewed by Zhao Weisheng

Edited by Shi Yue

Translated by Wen Li

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