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6,650 New Graduates Embark on a New Journey at Beihang
Release time:September 2, 2022 / Zang Mingming

On August 31, 6,650 new graduates from all over the country were enrolled by Beihang University.

During the orientation, President Xu Huibin, Vice President Zhang Hailan, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee Cheng Bo and other leaders greeted the new graduates personally and encouraged them to improve professional skills and enrich life experiences.

Beihang University has made meticulous preparations to create a convenient and warm atmosphere for newcomers, with voluntary services put on standby at different airports and railway stations. Pre-arranged buses drove newcomers directly to the two campuses.

After passing through the temperature measurement area with the green “Campus Access Card” and admission letter in hand, the newcomers entered the orientation site for vaccination and identification verification.

The theme of 2022 graduate orientation is “serve the country and lead the future”. The university prepared newcomers with a carnival, including five special activities, helping students quickly integrate into Beihang, feel its profound love for the country and celebrate its 70th anniversary.

Besides, relevant departments have also set up consultation points in the orientation area for newcomers’ inquiry about the payment of tuition fees, campus services and other related issues.

Afterwards, the new students went to their school points respectively in the orientation area for registration and got their campus cards and related materials. They signed and took photos in front of the photo boards, creating new memories with Beihang.


The new students either took the ferry or strolled around the campus, checked in to their respective dormitories and decorated their new home together with their roommates.

On the special occasion of the 20th National Congress of CPC and Beihang’s 70th anniversary, the 2022 new graduates embark on a new journey at Beihang!

Reported by Ma Jun, Zhang Rui and Gong Han

Photographed by Di Bailu, Song Chao, Zhu Quan, Tian Wenhao and Chen Jiaheng

Reviewed by Zhao Weisheng

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Zang Mingming

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