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Beihang Welcomes 2022 Freshmen
Release time:September 3, 2022 / Wen Li

On September 1, 3,871 freshmen registered, getting ready to open a brand-new chapter of their life with Beihang University.

Zhao Changlu, Beihang Secretary of the Party Committee, He Xinzhou, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Vice Presidents Tao Zhi, Liu Shuchun and Zhang Hailan, and Vice Secretary of the Party Committee Cheng Bo greeted freshmen and volunteers in person and expressed their warm welcome at the two campuses.

The two campuses were alive with warmly welcoming atmosphere. The university has been well-prepared for greeting freshmen in advance, with voluntary services put on standby at airports, train stations, classrooms, canteens, dorms, etc. The freshmen would get a favor whenever they needed it.

Shuttle buses stood by at different airports and train stations, and poised for driving new students to the two campuses directly. Ferry buses were arranged in the enrollment area to take students and their luggage to dormitories.

Different schools carried out rich and colorful activities with academic characteristics to welcome their freshmen. Institutions and departments were also well prepared to help students solve problems. The newcomers’ identity, health state, admission letter, and “freshman campus pass” were checked before they got enrolled and moved in.

Each student received 100 yuan educational bonus and a special souvenir. As for students with financial difficulties, the university has provided “green channel” services, allowing them to postpone paying tuition fees and offering free “caring package” containing bedclothes and living supplies.

On the special occasion of the 20th National Congress of CPC and Beihang's 70th anniversary, the 2022 freshmen will embark on a new journey and chase their dreams at Beihang.

Reported by Zhang Luyang and Wen Xinlin

Photographed by Di Bailu, Song Chao, Zhu Quan, Zhang Keli, Chen Jiaheng, Chen Zixin, et al.

Reviewed by Deng Yi

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Wen Li

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