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The 28th International Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics Held at Beihang
Release time:September 12, 2022 / Liang Xiaochun

From August 29 to September 2, the 28th International Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics (ISSFD 2022), jointly organized by Beihang University, the Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS/CSU), the State Key Laboratory of Astronautic Dynamics, and the National Key Laboratory of Aerospace Flight Dynamics of Northwestern Polytechnical University, was convened at Beihang Vision Hotel. The symposium was held both online and offline, attracting more than 200 experts, scholars and researchers from 20 countries and regions around the world.

ISSFD is a well-known academic symposium in the field of space flight dynamics, aiming to build an open platform for experts and scholars in this field to communicate and exchange academic results. The symposium takes place at an interval of about 18 months. Since it was firstly held in 1981 in Darmstadt, Germany, the symposium has been held 27 times around the world. The 27th ISSFD was held in 2019 in Melbourne, Australia, and the 28th ISSFD was delayed until 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which was for the first time in history held in Chinese mainland.

ISSFD 2022 received more than 200 research papers from home and abroad, and after several rounds of manuscript review, 7 invited keynote presentations and 94 sub-forum presentations were finalized. The symposium featured four sessions, including the opening ceremony, keynote presentations, sub-forum presentations and the closing ceremony, which were broadcasted live worldwide through ClassIn online conference system.

The opening ceremony

At the opening ceremony on the evening of August 29, the chairman of the symposium, Dr. Gao Yang from the CAS/CSU,  gave an introduction to the symposium. Dr. Ralph Kahle from the German Space Operations Center (GSOC/DLR), a member of the ISSFD Committee, and Dr. Wang Weizong, Associate Dean of the School of Astronautics of Beihang University, delivered speeches in succession. Prof. Guo Yanping from Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and Mr. Pier Luigi Righetti from the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) gave their keynote presentations successively. The opening ceremony was chaired by Prof. Xu Ming from Beihang University.

Keynote presentations

From August 30 to September 2, Dr. Yuichi Tsuda from Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Researcher Shen Hongxin from the State Key Laboratory of Astronautic Dynamics, Senior Engineer Liu Lei from Beijing Aerospace Control Center, Prof. Dai Honghua from Northwestern Polytechnical University and Prof. Gong Shengping from Beihang University gave five keynote presentations. Meanwhile, 94 reports on different research topics such as orbital mechanics, formation flying, tracking and orbit determination were presented at three sub-forums. The participants had a full academic exchange through the online-offline conference platform built by this symposium.

Online-offline reports

The closing ceremony was held in the afternoon of September 2. The Co-chair of ISSFD Organizing Committee, Associate Professor Shi Peng of Beihang University, delivered a closing speech on behalf of the organizers, in which he gave a brief summary of the symposium and expressed his thanks to the organizing committee and staff, emphasizing the need to strengthen cooperation with the ISSFD committee to make the research on space flight dynamics go deeper, the exchange mechanism better, and the form of cooperation richer, so as to make greater contribution to the development of space science and technology.

The closing ceremony

The symposium focuses on the current frontiers in the field of space flight dynamics, brings the top international symposium to Chinese mainland, and effectively promotes academic exchanges between scholars at home and abroad. It has gained the attention and praise of experts and scholars from all over the world. As of press time, the live website of the symposium has been visited more than 30,000 times.

Group photo

Reported by Peng Lei

Reviewed by Liu Rui

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Liang Xiaochun

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