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Beihang Students Win First Prize in 17th NACTranS
Release time:September 12, 2022 / Song Ziyun

Recently, Wang Likun and Zhang Hongtao from the School of Transportation Science and Engineering of Beihang University, supervised by Zhang Zhao and Yu Haiyang, won the first prize with their work “Reinforcement Learning Model for Signal Control of Urban Road Network in Multi-agent Cooperation Environment” in the 17th National Competition of Transport Science and Technology for Undergraduate Students (NACTranS), which was held online in Shanghai Maritime University.

The NACTranS is a science and technology competition for national undergraduate students with the largest number of participating students and institutions of higher education and the greatest social influence in the field of transportation in China. With the theme of “Digital Intelligent and Low-carbon Transportation”, this year’s competition focuses on the implementation of the important national goal of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” and the strategic demand of building a “strong transportation country”. Students are encouraged to carry out innovative design, innovative thinking and innovative research from the perspective of digitalization and intelligence, in order to solve problems in the field of transportation in China and create a green, energy-saving, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly modern transportation system.

In this year’s competition, among the 1,473 entries from 177 universities, 206 entries from 93 universities entered the finals. In total, more than 200 excellent entries were awarded in the competition, including 37 first-prize, 74 second-prize, 101 third-prize and 46 winning-prize works.

Reported by Jiang Zhongwang

Reviewed by Han Huiyu

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Song Ziyun

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