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Beihang 70th Anniversary Series: Beihang Alumni Innovation Forum
Release time:November 4, 2022 / Lu Meili

On October 29, the Beihang Alumni Innovation Forum, as one of Beihang 70th Anniversary Series activities, was held at the Alumni Center in the university, concerning the development of scientific innovation in China and Beihang’s role and power therein. Beihang Vice President Liu Shuchun and more than 100 representatives of outstanding graduates from around the world attended this gathering. Deputy Secretary General of Beihang Alumni Association Huang Ruiyong presided over the event.

Liu Shuchun introduced the achievements of the university in recent years from six aspects including discipline construction, talent cultivation, scientific and technological innovation, faculty construction, resources security and Party building. He also expressed gratitude to the alumni who have been caring for, supporting and contributing to the development of the alma mater. Liu pointed out that the Alumni Forum was held in the hope of providing a platform for alumni entrepreneurs to deepen exchanges and cooperation, forge synergy of innovation and seek further development in science and technology. It is also expected to pave the way for Beihang alumni endeavoring in all fields of scientific innovation and encourage them to make greater contribution to the construction of our nation as a science and technology power.

Jiang Ke, Chairman and CEO of Zhongguancun e-Valley, addressed the forum as organizer, saying that being held on the occasion of Beihang's 70th birthday, this forum would bring together alumni participating in cutting-edge technology and equipped with innovative thinking graduating from Beihang in various periods to start a dialogue and share their views. This year marks the first inauguration of this event series. In the future, Beihang Alumni Innovation Forum will be held on a yearly basis, constituting part of the celebration events for the university's anniversary. Efforts will also be made to spread the fruit of the forum and make it the “TED” of Beihang alumni on scientific innovation, securing new answers for innovation empowerment.

Academician Qi Faren shared his views under the theme of “Spaceflight Spirit and Talent Cultivation”, recalling his studies in Beihang from 1952 to 1957 and sharing the results of his more than 60 years of research work since graduation. Academician Qi noted that innovation shall be based on inheritance. As Beihang people, it is even more important to inherit the spirit of courageous innovation. At the same time, it is also imperative for alumni around the world to stay connected and extend their innovations to a larger scale. He hoped that Beihang's students, faculty and alumni will attach more attention to space science, which is of essential significance for our country to become a space power in the future.

Academician Wang Jun shared his views under the theme of “Firmly Integrating Personal Destiny into Nation's Call”. As one of the third patch of graduates from Beihang University, Academician Wang participated in the work of “Beijing-1” and “Beijing-4” projects even during his school years. He said that the greatest reward of his studies in Beihang was the construction of his determination to integrate his personal destiny with the needs of the country in a coordinated way. He hoped that in the future the university will adhere to the principle of cultivating key talents independently and further strengthen the in-depth integration of science and technology, lending inexhaustible impetus to innovation.

Ji Yingcun, Chairman and General Manager of Beijing Jingwei Hirain Technologies Co., Inc., Yu Guizhen, a tenured professor of the School of Transportation Science and Engineering of Beihang University and founder of Beijing Ta Ge Zhi Xing Technology Co., Ltd., Chen Xiaoliang, Chairman of Beijing SoundAI Technology Co., Ltd., Yang Feng, CEO of Changsha Tian Yi Space Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Feng Chong, Chairman of Beijing Shen Guang Technology Co., Ltd. shared their experiences and viewpoints through theme speeches, concerning topics like the development of an automotive company, the commercial landing of unmanned vehicles in mining areas, traversing noises during the startup of business, commercial satellites changing the world, and the growth of a young entrepreneur sailing from Feng Ru Cup.

Later, Zhao Xin, CFO of Zhongguancun e-Valley, hosted the panel discussion session focusing on exploration of future path to scientific innovation. Tao Wei, CEO of Beijing Bo Chuang Linkage Technology Co., Ltd., Zhou Shaokun, Deputy General Manager of Hang Yu Zhi Zao (Beijing) Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. and General Manager of Shenyang Hang Zhong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Hu Zhendong, founder and CEO of White Whale Route (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., Chen Zhen, founder of Su Gan Technology (Beijing). Ltd. and Head of Jiu Yang Small Household Appliances, and Li Xintong, team member of the Beihang-4 project, were invited to invoke live cases in their own industries and discuss around scientific innovation more specifically in terms of the application of innovation in practical scenarios, the driving force of innovation results, upgradation of innovation mindsets and problem-solving during the process of innovation.

At the end of the event, all the participating guests and alumni took a group photo to mark the occasion. The first Beihang Alumni Innovation Forum successfully came to an end.

Reported by Bao Bin

Reviewed by Zhang Huiyuan

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Lu Meili

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